Exploring Experience – Part 1 [Extract]


The well travelled traveller has made a decision to explore more. To explore experience down the road never travelled before. Going down a new road is what he’s going to do and unexplored territory is what he’s going to go through.

He has a feeling that this road could be dark, but he understands that all roads have dark and light. He knows how dark can sometimes be experienced as light and light as dark, depending on how many roads of dark and light a traveller has travelled. He has even had glimpses of dark and light merging completely and he enjoys seeing all the different shades of grey, not to mention all the colours of the rainbow.


As a taster, this is the first couple of paragraphs of Part 1 of Exploring Experience, a short story in progress. All parts will be published in full and as a complete whole at a later stage.

 by Jean-Jacques Montagnier. © 2012. All Rights Reserved.


This is Part 1 of 3

Part 2

Part 3


4 Responses to “Exploring Experience – Part 1 [Extract]”

  1. perfect

    Thank you. 🙂

    I think I’m going home too.


  2. Glad you enjoyed it Michelle. 🙂

  3. mokihanacalizar says:

    Jean-Jacques, How nice to catch up with you at this point. Your thoughts are keeping you good company, the journey does unfold with and without ‘tonic.’ We do carry on and the pain? That is part of it.
    Good travels. Mokihana

  4. Hello Mokihana, great to hear from you again! I’m very glad that this piece resonates, thanks for leaving your thoughts and input.
    My very best wishes to you on your journey.

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