Iguazu Falls – South America (Argentina & Brazil)

(1) Iguazú National Park – Argentina June 14, 2019 Gallery *** (2) Iguaçu National Park – Brazil June 15, 2019 Gallery *** All photographs by J.J. Montagnier  14 – 15 June 2019 © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Gypsy Café Jean-JacquesExplorer, Philosopher, Photographer http://gypsycafe.org/

Peruvian Colours and Contrasts – All in a Day’s Trip

‘All in a Days Trip’ On Sunday the 14th of April, a day after I arrived in Cusco on the weekend before Easter, I did one of the many excursions that are available from Cusco city. It’s always a good idea to select a smaller company when doing group day trips and for some excursions private tours would be optimal due to the time of day that most of the tour busses arrive at some of the sites in and […]