The Liminal Space

.. We are in the Liminal Space A Dangerous Place   Where predators lay and tricksters play Where good people pray then look away “Though shalt not enter the fray”   Bless the lambs that are slain It is not our pain They are weak We are strong Nothing is wrong   Power is principle Principles have no power Virtue has no value Values have no virtue Ethics aren’t up to you   Left is right Rights have left Orwell […]

The Great Unforeseen

.. We cry about illusions   and we cry about reality until finally in the  epicentre of disparity we find the vast unseen – We expected a different scene, but what could it mean? –  It would seem that if not for the unseen we would not have been able to finally come to see the Unseen ..  Jean-Jacques Montagnier  © 2012. All Rights Reserved. Recent & Related Choose Conscience Authentic Treedom The Liminal Space The Circles and Spirals of […]


  You have to return eventually, To see everything differently. To see what you see differently. And how you see it differently. Due to having gone away. Old points of reference Faded through absence Return to conscience And highlights the essence Of what you have transcended Compared with if you had stayed This place is not the same But its from where you came Similar, but only in name Or is it rather who you became Will what you have […]