Exploring Experience – Part 2 [Extract]


The traveler is traveling against the stream of figures approaching through the thick fog. No one is acknowledging him. It is as if he doesn’t exist. “They must be focusing on the destination”, he thinks to himself.

The ground below him is slippery, but he tries his best to step on solid stones and rocks to get some traction. He cannot see any landmarks.  This must be a type of flatland area, but which direction is he going?


As a taster, this is the first couple of paragraphs of Part 2 of Exploring Experience, a short story in progress. All parts will be published in full and as a complete whole at a later stage.

By Jean-Jacques Montagnier © 2012. All Rights Reserved.


This is Part 2 of 3

Part 1  

Part 3


6 Responses to “Exploring Experience – Part 2 [Extract]”

  1. crowsfeet says:

    Hi J~J
    I had to reset my password and name to get here to reply! So.. in at last. 🙂 I am really enjoying your journey.

    The hardest part of being a traveller is, I think, the fact of realising that every journey is travelled alone. No matter the bonds, love, family… ultimately you travel your own journey with only your self as companion. I think it can be the fastest route to realising if you truly do have a good healthy self-image/self-love or not!


  2. Hi Michelle

    Thanks for the comment! Yes, I think sometimes we get “lost in process” (as a friend once described it to me). Other times we are looking for external solutions, from people, and things and situations… (We get addicted).

    The learning curve can be painful and then sometimes we find the solution right in front of our eyes. Sometimes it just takes a small adjustment in our perception or outlook. Other times it can take a long journey to see things differently.

    Very true about the self-image part, we have to be able to be fully with ourselves. Yes, we have to (truly) love ourselves but not in an egostistical way. We should love ourselves as an extension of the universe, a part of it, an important part of it (but not OVERLY important! lol).

    When we fully accept ourselves (the good AND and the bad – the “bad” can be worked on) we can love others in the right way – not in a needy way. More in Part 3 😉


  3. I found this blog interesting

  4. Dennis Harwood says:

    I always love the opportunity to use this favorite quote from the Arthurian Legends :

    They (Arthur’s knights) agreed all would go on this quest. But they thought it would be a disgrace to go forth in a group. Each entered the forest at a point that he himself had chosen where it was darkest and there was no path.

    I’m always stunned but somehow not dismayed that what I searched hard for was known by someone all along. I embrace it as a validation and a kinship with the all, deeper than the seen groupthink.

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