Gypsy Café is a virtual space managed by J.J. Montagnier, a travelosopher and a futurologist. His writings are inspired and influenced by his world travels, personal and social observations, intuitive insights and a deep study of relevant and related subject matter. 

Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café.

All destinations are equal. I go with an inquisitive mind and I travel independently. My approach could be called experimental or exploratory and my main aim is to become informed. I often find myself off-the-beaten-track in search of something real, but undefined. Discovering what had brought me to a place is both the pleasure and the reward.

The process:  My Travel is My Education, My Philosophy and My Lifestyle. This has come about partially through circumstance and partially by choice. In the long run the restless wandering became a very important and necessary aspect of my lifestyle, which I fully embraced. I became the process, and the process became me. I relocate every few years,  to shake things up. I believe that comfort zones are counter-productive to personal growth and that the highest value can be found in experiences.

My type of travel is not necessarily about non-stop backpacking,  but rather a type of ongoing migration which takes various forms. I usually adjust to what I need to do, to facilitate travel or relocation opportunities. This  process has included several careers and a plethora of short term jobs in various locations, but my core interests have always remained the same.

Long-term travelling has had a profound impact on my life and has lead to an organic type of philosophy, which I call Travelosophy. That is what this blog is all about. Travelosophy is not about my personal travel philosophy only, but rather about the universal lessons and insights which I feel I am able to share through my experiences, and which are relevant to all of us as natural travellers of life in life, philosophically and spiritually.

I consider it a privilege and an achievement to have reached my travel dreams by my own means and furthermore, to have travelled in “survival mode” more than in “tourist mode”, for that is what brought about travelosophy.

Gypsy Café is where my inner nomad rests, reflects and sorts through his thoughts, over a coffee of course! Most of my writing happen in my favourite café’s and coffee shops, usually rustic ones, in the locations where I’m based or the ones I’m visiting. Gypsy Café’s name pays homage to these atmospheric places which have facilitated and enhanced my writings.

Thank you for visiting –  join me again for coffee!

Yours in travel,



Life is like coffee, often filtered, sometimes bleak,
Instant at birth, rarely smooth and sweet.

For the most part it’s a touch of bitter with flavour,
Yet, it’s the really strong coffee that some of us favour. 

– J.J Montagnier


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Jean-Jacques on Easter Island in 2015.