• Resentment Resolved by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org [Featured Image]

    Resentment Resolved

  • Berlin Wall by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org [Featured Image]

    Building the New World Within (1) – Introduction

  • Emancipate Yourself by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org [Featured Image]

    Emancipate Yourself

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    Thoughts from the Streets (2)

  • Dublin's Last Supper by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org [Featured Image]

    Dublin’s Last Supper

  • Love in Havana


  • Insight by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org [Featured Image]


  • Budapest Cyclists by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org

    Quotes on Happiness

  • Berlin Leaves by Jean-Jacques @ GypsyCafe.org


  • Safer Than Houses

    Safer than Houses

  • Irish Whiskey in B&W by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org

    Let me tell you an Irish story

  • Lions Head Route by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org


  • The World's End Pub by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org

    Going the Distance

  • The Metro Cafe in Dublin by Jean-Jacques @ Gypsycafe.org

    Mocha and Latte of Life


Welcome to Gypsy Café, a philosophical travel blog by J.J. Montagnier ** Life is like coffee, often filtered, sometimes bleak, Instant at birth, rarely smooth and sweet. For the most part it’s a touch of bitter with flavour, Yet, it’s that strong coffee that some of us favour. ** “All destinations are equal. I go with an inquisitive mind and I travel independently. My approach could be called experimental or exploratory and my main aim is to become informed. I […]

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Choose Peace Through Conscience

Choose Conscience

When faced with difficult choices, especially amongst bad options, conscience can always show the way. Needless to say, what the planet needs right now, more than ever, is a return to conscience. Conscience lends itself to a variety of peaceful solutions. Moral relativity does not fit well into the realm of a well developed and active conscience. Conscience intuitively knows the difference between right and wrong. What is appropriate or correct within a given context or what is not. What […]


Building the New World Within (11) – Happy Go Lucky – Faster!

It’s All Theatre Tabloid press, reality TV, TV talk shows, social networking and, perhaps, increasingly also, modern-day politics have all got something in common – they contain similar ingredients to those found in soap operas. A trademark of soap opera is that the less exemplary elements of human behaviour are exaggerated and dramatised for effect. A hallmark of the tabloid press is the use of emotional and sensational language which draws readers into the drama. Gossip and the lives of […]

The Rights of Every Child

The Yin and Yang of Spirituality and the Future of Humanity

The Yin and Yang of Spirituality Carl Jung is famous for having brought the concept of working on shadow elements within the psyche into Western psychotherapy, although the process of self-therapy, self-transformation and psychic self-evaluation with subsequent spiritual elevation is indeed a very ancient practice. Advanced practice was perhaps considered to be found mainly in the realm of shamanism, priesthood and other high level spiritual roles. However, ancient civilizations and cultures integrated the identifying and processing of shadow characteristics also […]


Building the New World Within (10) – What is Enlightenment?

Introduction In this series we are exploring reasons for humanity going in repetitive negative loops and we are looking at ways in which we can spiral upwards out of our unhealthy and destructive patterns, onwards into a more balanced future. Theatre Theatre has many objectives. It can entertain or educate or both. It can mesmerise or bring consciousness. It can motivate and inspire. It can provoke or shock. Theatre holds a mirror up to reality and can evoke inner change. […]

Recoleta Angel

Shift of the Stages

All the world’s a stage. As actors in the theatre of life we are all here to play our part(s), consciously or unconsciously. Here we are, finding ourselves present at this stage in time during a shifting paradigm. In the old, but still present age it felt like the stage had been set and most of us were simply reading our lines. It was perhaps not always understood why we were in the theatre in the first place. In the […]


Building The New World Within (9) – What is Progress?

What is Progress? In the 1993 film, Groundhog Day, we saw Bill Murray’s character calling the weather bureau from a pay phone at a filling station during a blizzard. He needed urgent weather information, but could not access the internet via his Smartphone. At the time of the film, Smartphones did not exist yet. He could not even make a call from the comfort of his company’s vehicle, because cellular network reception was limited to large urban areas and the […]

Peru Scenery

Peruvian Selection – People, Landscapes, Churches & Ruins

Peru planning: I patched together an itinerary by working out a route which would connect the main places I was going to visit (Arequipa & Colca Canyon, Puno & Lake Titicaca, Cusco & Inca Trail) with coach journeys in-between, which would include stopping at various points of interest along the way.  That meant that every 3 or 4 days I would be relaxing on luxury coaches, allowing for recovery time and alternative viewing opportunities from the intensive sightseeing trips and […]

Winay Wayna

Inca Trail Views (2/2)

The Classic Inca Trail Peru, South America Part 2 Things we learned on the Inca Trail: It is not a competition. It is not about fitness, but endurance. It is not so much about endurance of the body, but of the mind. The speed of your progress depends on how much luggage you are carrying, physically and mentally. At the end of the trail you are bound to have lost some baggage along the way. You will meet many different […]

Inca Trail View 15

Inca Trail Views (1/2)

The Classic Inca Trail Peru, South America Part 1 (January 7 – 10, 2016) The Inca Trail is not what you think it is. Or rather, it was not what I thought it would be. I had no expectations. In fact I was slightly apprehensive about doing it, even up to two days before the start. The reason being that I was concerned that it would be too crowded or commercialised. In recent years the Classic Inca Trail has become […]