The Auld Dub(liner)
The Auld Dub(liner)

The long term traveler makes short term investments in short to medium term experiences. During the investment period, short term loss of income may occur, but the long term profits are immeasurable and immense. Even the shortest experiences yield high returns of knowledge and continuously pay out  dividends in the form of memories. The traveler’s assets are of a non-tangible nature, deposited safely within his mind and soul. His or her assets of experience cannot be eroded, diminished, transferred or misappropriated. The traveler can unobtrusively leverage these assets in order to navigate choppy waters and to identify new safe havens where he can continue to invest in more experiences. Because of their non-fixed-term nature, medium and short term travel experiences can  easily be interrupted  when exit strategies or early withdrawals are called for. One appealing aspect of gained experience is that investors do not visibly stand out from the crowd, providing a sense of anonymity to the traveler. Unlike other assets, experience cannot be won, bought or inherited.  As any experienced traveler will tell you, even though investing in this market can be risky and requires ample amounts of energy, it is by far the  safest personal investment you could ever make.

Text and photograph by J.J. Montagnier

© 2008. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. This reminds me of the scene in Joyce’s Dubliners when the priest is talking to bankers about redeeming the soul for god, using accounting jargon for holy scripture. I think Joyce is a genius.
    This is a nice little site you’ve got going, and I’ll be sure to frequent. Thanks for stopping by little slice of life.

  2. Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

    Well, thank you for stopping by Anonymous. You got me looking up Dubliners on-line and I found the scene you were referring to – I like the way he builds it up 🙂 . You’re right about James Joyce.

  3. Rima

    Hear hear! 🙂
    I’ve added you to my nomadic links by the way …
    all the best

  4. Hayden

    I completely agree with your philosophy. the only things that can’t be taken away are education and experiences, and they provide immeasurable joy.

    there is a general competence and understanding that comes with braving travel – not tourism, but travel – that provides strong self-reliance and an understanding of how to turn situations to advantage.

  5. andy

    so true in so many ways

    i live full time with my wife in our converted bus and have travelled many years

    wonderful blog

  6. Gypsy Café


    I was abducted! 😮 (by a crazy job), but I’m back I think … 🙂 will get something up soon, promise


    Thanks for visiting! Had a look at your blog – great photos and stories.

    I started off initially doing long distance biking / touring which turned into backpacking and wandering later on (but, while growing up my parents moved from town to town, so must be in the blood).

    I’m on an extended pit-stop for the moment, after a second 5 year round trip, but as you know its just a matter of time … 😉

  7. Mokihana

    What a wonderful read, on a day when taxes with our accountant will give us another perspective on our years as gypsies in diaspora.

    This is a view I’d much rather embrace. It’s nearly time for our next venture forward … hitch-up time… blessings are always needed, and I found this! The gods listen.
    Thank you!


  8. Gypsy Café

    Hello Mokihana,

    Very Welcome to the Gypsy Café! I’m very happy that you found some resonance with this piece. It’s a privilege to have visitors (can I say friends? 🙂 ) from Hawaii.
    I had a look at your blogs and I especially like “Makua O`o” ( and will definitely be spending some time there.

    Best wishes for your venture and please visit again – I post about once a month.


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