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Crossroads Crises in Perspective – Part 2
The Greatest Trek: A Crisis in Thinking and The Way Out


The view from the Global South: Looking from the outside in. This series of essays is based on readings of reports, articles, and presentations that are in the public domain, with provided references. The content contains futurology based on cycle science and the mystical sciences. Readers are encouraged to approach the text with critical, yet open minds.



In times of transition, there are many shadows dancing on the walls, mirages shimmering on the horizon, and apparitions appearing out of the dark. Navigating the Greatest Shift not only requires out-of-the-box thinking but also a willingness to embrace diverse perspectives, even those that may challenge one’s beliefs. While everyone grapples with blind spots in one way or another, many people are in possession of essential partial truths, or parts of the essential truth.

We are all products of our environments, and for most individuals, their thoughts are constrained by the boundaries of their professional and social associations and commitments. Additionally, nearly all intellectuals are members of echo chambers or silos that shape or influence their thinking. Consequently, there are only a handful of truly independent analysts out there.

Viewing our individual thinking through the lens that it is inherently restricted by the widespread human inclination toward collective thought, we may gain an understanding of the importance of breaking free from our group-oriented thought silos.

To transcend the black and white thinking prevalent in both the mainstream and alternative media, Shift Navigators cannot afford to throw the baby out with the bathwater and miss the forest for the trees. Their task is to identify and draw on valuable aspects of truth wherever it may be found. The diverse fragments and components of truth must be integrated into a foundational framework of understanding that uniquely addresses the challenges of our extraordinary transition times.

Quoting or referencing specific sources or resources should not be construed as an endorsement of the entire worldviews of the individuals mentioned, especially for a Shift Navigator. It also does not suggest that all content from a referenced resource, apart from the cited portions, is necessarily relevant to the ongoing discussion, which, in the context of this series of essays, focuses further on Navigating the Greatest Shift in 26,000 Years.

Escaping the confines of collective thought requires adopting an open-minded perspective and engaging in objective analysis. However, numerous individuals encounter difficulties due to a tendency towards binary thinking. Frequently, they dismiss or overlook information linked to the other side. Only a limited number of people possess the inclination or fortitude to venture beyond the boundaries of socially-oriented thought-chambers, driven by a perceived safety in numbers and a sense of community.

A Way Forward

The oblique rays of the sun still illuminate the glory of the passing epoch. But the light is fading, and in the deepening shadows it becomes more and more difficult to see clearly and to orient ourselves safely in the confusions of the twilight (Pitirim A. Sorokin, Social and Cultural Dynamics, 1937).(1)

In theory, all the crises in the world could be solved through improved thinking. An effective antidote to a crisis in collective thinking is to elevate one’s personal thinking to higher levels of autonomy, enabling a detachment from the social and cultural spheres that constantly shape our thinking.

The discernible trend of a gradual dimming and darkening of human consciousness has become particularly apparent since 2020, as evidenced by the behaviour and conduct of a substantial number of individuals in response to current events. The dark side of humanity is increasingly being revealed. Nonetheless, there are also cyclic reasons contributing to this collective regression, as outlined further below.

The remnant has, theoretically, never consisted of a majority. While the majority may unknowingly undergo devolution along with the mainstream’s inner decline, those who consider themselves as part of the prospective remnant will carve out their own path. They will choose to purposefully evolve independently. In the process, they will transform into self-guiding, autonomous beings, as The Hero’s Journey has always been a distinctly personal one.

Energy Shifts Recapped

For new readers, the following summary and update provides insight into the cyclic context currently shaping our world; however, regular readers can skip this segment.

As of 2023, we are approaching the end of the current 26,000-year Precessional Cycle, expected to conclude between 2027 and 2032. Presently, we find ourselves in the midst of a 19.7-year age, spanning from 2012 to 2032, characterised by strong polarising influences on human consciousness. This dynamic sheds light on the binary thinking within societies in recent years, as further explored in The Rise and Fall of Polarization and Preparing for The Hero’s Journey.

Fig 1 Energy Pyramid For Katun 2 Ahau 2012 To 2032
Fig. 1: Energy Pyramid for Katun 2 Ahau: 2012 to 2032

The intensified turbulence that began in 2020 is expected to endure until the beginning of 2026, given the current peak of polarisation. Notably, the years 2022 and 2023 have the highest levels of polarity (see Fig. 1).

In 2023, a significant half-Katun shift occurred, and the surge in polarisation and darkness observed in the 4th quarter of 2023 can be attributed to this phenomenon, considering the inherent volatility of all peak-energy years in the Katun pyramid.

The latter half of the 7-year period spanning from 2020 to 2026 may prove to be even more formidable than the first half due to the approaching mid-point of the underlying Dark Rift Transit in 2027. Typically, under normal circumstances, polarising energies would have been on a declining trajectory post-2026.

Since 2020, the world has navigated from one crisis to another, with the resolution of one crisis often coinciding with the emergence of a new one. Beyond 2027, marking the Precessional shift point and the Dark Rift mid-point, we will be heading towards the year 2032, entering a phase characterised as the most spiritual and potentially most capricious 19.7-year Katun (cf. The Cyclic Reordering of Civilizations).

Fig 2 Multiple Shifts Within The Greatest Shift
Fig. 2: Multiple Shifts Within the Greatest Shift (click to enlarge)

A prognosis of our current position within the context of several shifting cycles suggests that the world is entering a period of sustained volatility. This extended volatility is attributed to the Shift of the Ages, an immensely significant phenomenon characterised by multiple consecutive energy shifts. Noteworthy years such as 1998, 2000, 2012, 2020, 2023, 2027, 2032, 2042 and 2052 mark major energy-shift years, all encompassed within the overall Shift of the Ages (years in italics have been discussed in previous chapters).

The 3-year COVID crisis that commenced in 2020 was succeeded by the Russo-Ukranian conflict in 2022. Following closely, a significant conflict erupted in the Middle East starting on October 7, 2023. These events can be interpreted as signs of the times. Notably, both a conflict in Eastern Europe as well as one in the Middle East are mentioned in important prophecies that deal with the End Times.

Shift Navigators must grasp the magnitude of the Shift of the Ages, recognising it as a prolonged transition journey spanning decades – a relay marathon toward a better world. Symbolically, the baton must be passed from navigator to navigator, implying that not all prospective members of the remnant will necessarily be part of the actual future remnant. Presently, the remnant comprises each individual actively contributing to an evolved post-transition New World.

Eschewing Bread and Circuses

On a more practical level, the general decline in human thinking is, in part, fuelled by the biggest mass addiction (2) ever to impact the human race, a phenomenon that, as of now, has not been fully recognised.

Smartphones and online addictions usurp the amount of time that individuals would typically allocate to thoughtful studying, contemplation, and careful consideration of important issues. Additionally, digital technologies and platforms also amplify binary thinking and partisanship, contributing to the social problems currently prevalent in the world.

Given these circumstances, critical thought may not be embraced by everyone. However, the more exceptional present-day individuals prioritise their inner development and thinking amidst numerous external distractions, the greater the likelihood that highly inspired and enlightened souls will eventually be counted among the future remnant.

Working With the Energy of the Age

Since contradictions and discrepancies are more conspicuous than usual due to the polarised energy of the age, adept Shift Navigators can leverage this phenomenon positively. Identifying contradictions and generalisations stemming from collective thinking highlights blind spots, necessitating individual critical reasoning. Weighing up discrepancies can disintegrate chimeras and false constructs, bringing Shift Navigators closer to Paths of Truth.

Naturally, such a journey requires autonomous thought, a quality that must be cultivated and developed personally. Great Transitions are notorious for being disorienting and tumultuous, especially for collectives. Yet, when generalisations and contradictions are meticulously assessed on an independent level, illusions are shed, and mirages fade away, revealing new horizons with clearer outlines.

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Further Chapter Segments:

  • How Things are Defined
  • Crises Creation and Mass Neuroses
  • Cultivating Differentiated Perspectives
  • Caring for the Planet is a Natural Human Need
  • Global Power Imbalances and Centralised Mindsets (Revisited)
  • Decentralised Crisis Management
  • Two Types of Decentralisation
  • The Greatest Trek
  • Serenity, Courage and Wisdom

By J.J. Montagnier

16 December 2023

J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer based in the Global South, at a mid-point between West and East. The views and opinions are those of the writer. (This content is made available for free as a public service and is not intended for commercial use).

Note: References for further reading are a necessary complementary feature due to essays having limited scope. Resources are carefully selected with the reader in mind based on their relevance for a deeper understanding. Readers are encouraged to access the referenced materials as needed.

Copyright © All Rights Reserved.


  1. Sorokin PA. Social and cultural dynamics. Boston, MA: Porter Sargent Publisher; 1982.

  2. Romano J. Smartphones: It’s time to confront our global addiction [Internet]; 2023 [cited 2023 Dec 10]. Available from:


Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer


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  2. Debra Malmos

    Greetings, Jean-Jacques – I love the research you invested into this and all the factors you have taken into consideration. Can I please share? Besides the tite, I wanted to share a small paragraph from your introduction. This is a stellar piece of work. much love, in lak’ech, Debra

  3. Martina Ramsauer

    Good evening Jean-Jacques,
    I just wanted to thank you for your highly interesting observations concerning the human beings diminuishing consciousness or the black and white thinking. I haven’t finished reading your post, but I will continue later on.
    All the best and very good health in the future or in 2024.

    • Jean-Jacques

      Much appreciated Martina. It’s a long article and should preferably be read in a quiet time – and possibly more than once – take your time 🙂 .

      I’m wishing you a very warm and fulfilling festive season – may 2024 indeed bring an elevation of consciousness, notwithstanding a general decline.

      Thank you for being part of the remnant! 🙂

  4. Debra Malmos

    Energy Pyramid – I was curious whether the illustration was generated by software for the possibility of looking at a wider range of dates. Time that flows in waves would be an influence on what we think we know. I took an environmental science course in 1987, which forecast a population catastrophe within a decade. The academic study of environmental science began in 1960’s. So, what they taught in 1987 was based on 30 years of study – barely a slice of time in the big picture. I was wondering where we were on the pyramid in 1960. The 10 steps up could be like the tzolk’in pyramid… perspectives of duality. was my favorite resource for analytics – supporting Ian Lungold and Carl Callemon’s work. He published a sine wave of Time and 9th wave theory. The website disappeared a few years ago. (Maybe you remember it.)

    We can’t know much. I like the illustrations.

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thanks for your thoughts and your question Debra. I worked with a graphic designer to create the Energy Pyramid after drawing it. This one only depicts this Katun (2012 to 2032) but if one places a range of Katuns following each other it would make a wave. Perhaps I will have one like that created for an article I’m planning to write next year. I worked with the Short Calendar dates (The Katun-Cycle). On this page about 2 thirds down you can see a list of all the Katuns according to their years:

      The 13-day Trecena’s also work in a wave (pyramid) form – day 7 is at the top of the pyramid. This information originally prompted me to have a pyramid created to depict the Katun’s rising and falling energy, see for example here:

      Yes exactly, every 20 years has it’s own general ‘mindset’ and as we know this current 20-year period features polarization (because we are in Katun 2-Ahau). The Katun-tones work in the same way as the Tzolkin’s tones energetically, but the time range is just much longer and the sequence is different as you can see from the archived page above. In 2032 we will enter the highest most spiritual Katun of all, Katun 13-Ahau … Could be very interesting!

      I think the issue with population and climate issues is that cyclic influences are not factored in by mainstream analysts resulting in wrong forecasts. There seems to be a Population Cycle which why the fertility rates have been collapsing as nobody can explain just why it’s been happening so drastically.

      In the 1960’s we were in Katun 8-Ahau (between 1953 and 1973). After that Katun 6-Ahau started in 1973 and then Katun 4-Ahau in 1993 (until 2012). For me Katun 4-Ahau seemed very balanced compared to this current one. A couple of years after 2012 mindsets started shifting to partisanship and binary thinking. Ironically everyone thought we would go into a period of harmony after 2012.

      SO … in 2032 mindsets will shift again. Tone 13 which as you know is highly spiritual but can also be temperamental and kind of unstable. Would you agree with this assessment?

      I remember I visited it from time to time, but not very often. It might be archived somewhere, I remember it had good resources on it. I found this resource recently that gives the entire year for the Tzokin dates which can be handy as a quick reference:

      I had some difficulties with Carl Calleman’s 9th-wave concept as I couldn’t actually find the Mayan calendar foundational sources for it. I asked him about it on his blog but didn’t get any clear answers. For that reason I decided to rather do my own deep study of the Katun-cycle which is absolutely verifiably a Mayan cycle and avoid Calleman’s 9th Wave. Kenneth Johnson has a great book on the Katun-cycle which I used as one of my main resources:

      Generally there’s been a decline in online Maya Calendar resources which is a shame but perhaps interest will pick up again as we get closer to Katun 13-Ahau. What I like about the Maya and Yuga cycles is that they can provide us with some general frameworks of understanding for the directions things are likely to go. I have learned though that ultimately these are only very rough outlines but as far as mindsets is concerned it’s very useful as a study of societal changes and cultural shifts.

      We can’t know much, but every bit helps! 🙂

      Thanks for the discussion Debra!

      • Debra Malmos

        Thank you for the resources, Jean-Jacques. As you said, the framework for understanding the ups and downs was my fundamental interest. I’ve focused on the small-scales from an experiential perspective. I appreciate your insight on the katuns. “1960’s we were in Katun 8 Ahau (between 1953 and 1973). Katun 6 Ahau started in 1973 and then Katun 4 Ahau in 1993 until 2012. For me Katun 4 Ahau was a very balanced compared the the current one.” It’s hard to measure a sum-of-the-whole for 20 years. ’53 to ’73 had some extreme highs and lows. I had a “recall” of lost childhood memories, that fit more as a debt of karma. I’m still working through some of the facts of the matter with more clarity on the reason why. I was the kid that never forgot a thing, impossible to keep “family secrets” – and asking too many questions. That Truth was a major healing in Jan 2022.

        Regarding 2032 and the 13 Ahau – I lean toward the Pollyanna Perspective. LOL So, you help me here with a more accurate view. Jaramillo taught that energies become increasingly less stable after Tone 10 – why the ceremonies are held on the 8 and 9 (or peak tones). I can vouch for that from the Pilgrimage to Ek’ Balam – the ceremony to honor Ian’s 12 Ahau on Halloween. I actually carried it out MY way in the hotel room on the 11th as the writing was on the wall for the odd cast of characters that asked to meet me there (me included). (Ek’ Balam is an Initiation of an Illumination of Darkness – shined a light right on the shadow. It was chaotic, yet divine for the heightened senses of life all around me. It changed my life… after. I’m unrecognizable in all ways to the “me” of that 12 Sun/AHAU – I experienced Ian as ascended to 13 Sun/AHAU (which is why I’m relating the experience to 13 AHAU.

        I haven’t been drawn to Callemon’s work so much. The same with Kenneth.
        I’ve had a mission to prove you can change your life, just by using the perspectives and intentions of the Daily Tzolk’in as Ian wrote them. My curriculum is whatever I’m interested in exploring at the moment. LOLOL I must love doing everything the hard way to prove the worst case scenario.

        On the other hand – on the highest scale, we’ll be swept to higher ground by a power of divine agency – no choice but to go with the flow. I hope I age backwards some more by 2032 (I’ll be 82). There was no stopping me from getting to Ek’ Balam. I hope it feels like that.

        The one thing I took away from the 9th wave, was related to Ian’s teaching about the peak of the Tun pyramid. The top of the pyramid was a transformation to telepathy, when there’s an unlimited number of choices all at once and we HAVE to operate by intuition. The higher the frequency of a wave, the closer together and higher/lower thee wave will be. So, I was thinking that’s what we’re going through – passing through a vortex – extreme highs balanced by extreme lows all at once. We are a vibrating sine wave – from all the different sources of consciousness – plant beings, animals, rocks, etc. The end/beginning of Dec 2012 was the zero point, so maybe we’re getting spit out of the other side. (Have you got a resource for that?) LOLOL

        I appreciate the conversation.

        • Jean-Jacques

          Thank you for your further thoughts Debra. Yes, agreed, weighing an entire 20-year period’s stability is not so easy and all Katuns have their major ups and downs. It can also depend where one finds oneself in the world and which life stage one is in. My years growing up (similar to yours because I was often questioning things …) were very volatile yet it was quite a stable Katun relatively speaking. My thought is that the one important thing that we can learn from the Katun-cycle is that duality will always exist, with forces and counter-forces – and would make an age of complete harmony and balance very unlikely (regardless of idealistic aspirations for a Golden Age). This is a reality-check that I believe we all need to face in the spiritual communities too, or perhaps especially. ‘Harmony’ and ‘peace’ must be fostered and worked towards by every one of us every moment of the day, every day. Expecting it to arrive all by itself, considering duality, is to an extent escapist.

          Although I fully get the Pollyanna approach too for its positive energy that can be very exhilarating; it can also result in being disappointing with outcomes sometimes (as I’ve experienced it, for example with regards to the wonderful ‘Unity in Diversity’ which my country was meant to be experienced post Apartheid … (and of course few people want to address the not-so-stellar outcome).

          Thank you for mentioning the stability of the energies with regards to their numbers. Kenneth Johnson says the same in his books – the uneven numbers after 8 are unstable (but Tone 9 is an exception). Tone 13 is actually one of the most ‘temperamental’ and just too powerful for the elders to conduct ceremonies, with exceptions (my personal view is that Tone 11 is the most unstable and that will be the Katun that follows 13 Ahau, so from 2052 to 2072 …). Nevertheless Tone 13 is incoming in 2032. Since we can’t avoid it and because all energies have their positives and negatives the best solution would be to concentrate on its positives.

          You are of course right in that we all draw on spiritual or religious systems in different ways and utilize aspects of them differently for our own growth. For years I also had a very flexible approach. I think it was the fact that so many embellishments were a feature of the 2012 phenomenon (and because the Dreamspell system confused so many people) that I decided to become much more ‘purist’ and critical in my approach and to not mix up systems too much (although making comparisons can be very useful). I watched a recent interview with Kenneth and he actually states that the Mayas themselves used to mix things up a lot so he seems quite open to the approach. So there are differing views, my view is that just like with people mixing up climate and environmental issues, mixing spiritual systems can result in a lack of clarity and focus.

          You can watch Kenneth’s interview here – very long but some good parts in it – you can see the timestamps below the video:

          I’m about 20 years behind you so would have passed sixty by 2032 – let’s make it and see how it turns out! 🙂

          I like how you described your sense of Calleman and Ian’s sense of the 9th Wave even though I don’t prescribe to the system, but I think on some level it does resonate intuitively in a general sense. Interestingly though, the Zero-Point was apparently actually in 1998 (close to 2000 which is what brought about so many people intuitively expecting a shift then) but many people including John Major Jenkins projected it on 2012 due to the Maya’s Long-Count shift. Of course, at the time they did not know the exact date, but accurate astronomy software later pinpointed it back to 1998 – see here:

          Here is an interesting image illustration showing the Precessional Cross shift-point in 1998:
          Precessional Cross
          (Looking at this chart it’s clear that on the spiritual plane things can only get better as we move forward – it’s just taking a bit longer combined with much more volatility than expected).
          The article is here:

          Thanks Debra – much food for thought in your comments! 🙂

          Wishing you a great Festive Season!


          • Debra Malmos

            Thanks again – the resources, thoughts and graph. I agree again on a singular point of reference. It seems every religion believes its the true and only one. So, maybe we were intended a “one and only” as our “control” of highest faith, upon which we have the most faith – to compare and find there are no exceptions to the fundamental rules. It’s hard to switch with full confidence from one lifetime understanding to another. (BTW – Deer/MANIK the giver of Spiritual Tools has been noted – that the Deer’s shadow is too many tools. In teachings from the Andean shaman, every piece on the altar has a name, a written story, a conversation, of hours to establish their identity and purpose. So, a stronger symbol to the unconscious mind.)

            Also, regarding time – what we discern the time to be is also a factor. Now yoo have me thinking about the next Haab Year – northern count, is 13 Earth/CABAN (movement). And, the New Year date (zenithal sun) shifts from 03/31 to 03/30.

            Best wishes and Light for the holidays. It’s a season of expectations for me – some bright idea or new understanding has always come with the territory.


  5. Debra Malmos

    I found a very interesting reference to the ancient count of time – that once years were measured by rulers. That would be another possible discrepancy in the conversion of Gregorian time. I found the reference searching “Archon” on wikipedia. Debra

    • Jean-Jacques

      Hi Debra, indeed, which is why the Gregorian and Julian calendars are basically artificial calendars without any depth of meaning, when compared to the Maya’s Tzolkin. I remember seeing this point also explained in the movie Decoding Baktun:


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