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It’s finally here – this e-book is a compilation of some of the most important chapters first published on this site on the subject of Energy Shifts. I’m making a copy freely available for download for personal use – see links below. A paper book copy will become available from online booksellers at a later stage. 


Does it feel like 2012 all over again, but this time for real? Many people would answer with a resounding ‘yes’, but what is really going on? Were the Mayas right after all? If so, how are we supposed to navigate it all?

In a positive message for the world, explorer and futurologist J.J. Montagnier provides answers to these and other pertinent questions. He takes readers through an epic but concise journey of discovery through the most important mysteries and secrets of ancient and forgotten energy cycles, so that readers can have a clear view of the road ahead for humanity post-2022.

In this book you’ll learn:

  • How correct the Mayas really were
  • Why the world has become so polarized
  • How long the Greatest Shift will last
  • What to expect along the way
  • How to raise our consciousness
  • Why structure is so important
  • How to be a Light in the dark
  • What to expect on the other side
  • How to be a guide for others

And much more …

[Spirituality / Philosophy / Religion]


Note: Individuals may download copies of this book for their own individual, non-commercial use as stipulated in the book. Please see copyright notice inside. 

J.J. Montagnier 

16 February 2023 
(8 Toj, Trecena of Iq)

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Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer


  1. Dalo

    This is great, J.J. – this is the writing thinkers and philosophers need. There are many mysteries and secrets of ancient and forgotten energy cycles, and insight into these phenomena is where we create a plan for our future.
    Well done!

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thank you Dalo – glad to be able to make a small contribution towards imagining the future of our world and I very much appreciate your vote of confidence.
      Power to you!

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