Choose Conscience

When faced with difficult choices, especially amongst bad options, conscience can always show the way. Needless to say, what the planet needs right now, more than ever, is a return to conscience. Conscience lends itself to a variety of peaceful solutions. Moral relativity does not fit well into the realm of a well developed and active conscience. Conscience intuitively knows the difference between right and wrong. What is appropriate or correct within a given context or what is not. What […]

The Liminal Space

.. We are in the Liminal Space A Dangerous Place   Where predators lay and tricksters play Where good people pray then look away “Though shalt not enter the fray”   Bless the lambs that are slain It is not our pain They are weak We are strong Nothing is wrong   Power is principle Principles have no power Virtue has no value Values have no virtue Ethics aren’t up to you   Left is right Rights have left Orwell […]