Gypsy Café Has Just Moved In

Welcome Travellers! Gypsy Café has just moved into this new space. We are still adjusting the decor, moving furniture around and settling in. There may be a few small changes in our display. Rest assured that everything will feel comfortable in no time. Fresh cigars and coffee will be served shortly. – Jean-Jacques “Gypsy Café – The Travelosopher’s Home” Recent & Related The Circles and Spirals of Life Intermission


Early in 2004 I was about to start my first blog. I had already been on the road for a few years and was trying come up with an appropriate title. It had to describe quite closely what travelling really meant to me. I knew that I was getting from it much more than just visiting places, seeing things or meeting people. At the time I was practising a “work your way around the world”-style of backpacking, which meant that […]