Thoughts from the Streets (3)

Cordón, Montevideo, Uruguay, 12.04.2015. Photographs by Jean-Jacques Montagnier © 2015. All Rights Reserved. / Recent & Related Santiago Murals Santiago Street Art Free your Mind Montevideo Murals Rustic ARTitecture Dublin Revisited Resentment Resolved

Montevideo Murals

Street art is big in Montevideo, with interesting styles. Here are a couple of examples which I took pictures of recently in one of the older neighbourhoods, Cordón. – Jean-Jacques Murals, Montevideo, Uruguay, March 2015 Photographed by Jean-Jacques M. Copyright © 2015. All Rights Reserved. Gypsy Café Recent & Related Santiago Murals Los Lagos y Los Volcanes The Crosses on San Cristóbal Hill – Santiago The Fifth Element – Illuminating the Shadows Choose Conscience Building the New World Within (10) […]