November 2007


 The Road to Travelosophy The word traveller covers a broad spectrum of people on the move. Most people associate the word with short-term travellers, as in tourists or backpackers. Certain types of travellers would fall into a more long-term category. They would practice travel as a lifestyle or as a necessity or possibly for a combination of complex reasons. Some would be members of the Traveller or “Gypsy” communities and are often from Roma or Irish descent. Their families would have been practising the Traveller culture for decades, if not generations. Others fall into a group which I like to refer to as Modern Gypsies. They would have taken up travel as a lifestyle, along the way of having a perfectly “normal” life. This would have happened due to circumstances, influences or events which altered the course of their lives. Alternatively, their original short-term journey may have been prolonged indefinitely,…