The Liminal Space

Orwell Road, South Dublin. © Gypsy Café

Orwell Road, South Dublin, 2013.


We are in the Liminal Space

A Dangerous Place


Where predators lay

and tricksters play

Where good people pray

then look away

“Though shalt not enter the fray”


Bless the lambs that are slain

It is not our pain

They are weak

We are strong

Nothing is wrong


Power is principle

Principles have no power

Virtue has no value

Values have no virtue

Ethics aren’t up to you


Left is right

Rights have left

Orwell wasn’t right

Huxley won’t be correct

 Just forget


Always project

Don’t reflect

War is peace

Peace is war

Pacifists we abhor


Comfort is King

Effort ain’t cool

Take shortcuts you fool!

Thinking’s old-school

These are the new rules


Here I shall stay

It’s all about play

Don’t rock my boat

I am well afloat

Get out of my moat!


Where would I go?

Away from the glow

Of my own ego

All’s fine below

with my shadow


Everything’s perfect

Why introspect?

Just express

the politically correct 

Remain circumspect


Moral demise or mass malaise

We couldn’t care less

Regression is progression

Progression is possessions

There’s nothing to confess


On the Titanic we shall stay

Hear the band play

Conscience long away

Deferred hell to pay

Tomorrow’s another day


This is our dystopian Utopia

 A cornucopia of myopia


by J.J. Montagnier
© 2013. All Rights Reserved.


Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer

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12 Responses to “The Liminal Space”

  1. michelle7 says:

    And… where are you? I’ve been worried.

  2. “People everywhere, in their quest for happiness outside themselves, discover in the end that they’ve been seeking it in an empty cornucopia, and sucking feverishly at the rim of a crystal glass into which was never poured the wine of joy.” –Paramhansa Yogananda

  3. Reid says:

    Contact! Enjoy the dive while you’re diving … and don’t forget to breathe, mate. Catcha later, R.

  4. Zoltan says:

    How true, beautiful words… And a small quote for you: “I choose the garden and the library, the quiet walks, the silent prayer and the quiet sitting. Why? Thus I unmeasurably get more from what I need. A life lived in solitude is infinitely richer than the public. ” – Bela Hamvas

  5. Yes thanks Jean-Jacques… these are words to bring us in to how the feelings are flowing through… time is wanting of us to let go and allow… fragile we are to be or not is the space, the is, about to be activated into new growth… thoughts are all important… cheers… thanks for the post… Sean Caulfield

  6. Dennis Harwood says:

    Happy Exploring, love the poem.

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