Energy Shifts (1) – Apocalypse Now?

Temple view, Yaxhá, Petén province, Guatemala (Photo: JJM – 2015)


*For background on the Mayan Fifth World and the Fifth Element, please see: The Maya World Tree

Apocalypse Now

The first five years of the new Great Cycle, The Mayan Fifth World, have probably turned out much less apocalyptic than initially forecasted, considering the dire predictions for 2012, notwithstanding a lot of upheaval since then. In the years leading up to 2012 many leaders and their followers in the Mayanism movement threw bits and pieces of a broad selection of prophecies from a range of indigenous peoples of Mesoamerica, North America (and sometimes even Asia) all together and then projected them onto one day, December 21, 2012. By doing that all context and time frames were lost and since then the majority of self-proclaimed experts have disappeared into the proverbial ether – and perhaps we could be forgiven for being somewhat critical of their approach in retrospect. 

However, when you do a more in-depth analysis of the original Mayan prophecies, you come to realize that it’s early days yet. Energetically the most volatile times of the overall shift of ages are still ahead of us. Very significant events can be expected to occur during the next thirty five years and they will have to do with metaphysical as well as physical energy configurations.

The Original Mayan Prophecies

The original Mayan prophecies originate from within various aspects of this ancient civilization’s rich history and culture, a culture that has spanned over more than 12000 years, by Mayan estimations [1]). Today, many of their prophecies are still accessible and can be found in various places, (a) such as in the Mayan Codices that had survived the Spanish conquest, for instance in the books of Chilam Balam; (b) in ancient Mayan mythologies, for example in the Mayan creation story, and on various stone stellae at archeological sites in Mesoamerica; (c) on murals in excavated Mayan pyramid inner rooms and (d) on preserved ceramics displayed or found in museums and private collections and (e) several of the ancient Mayan calendar systems have prophecies naturally embedded within them by design.

Serious modern day scholars and archaeologists would usually refer to some or several of the above mentioned sources. There are also prophecies that had been passed down from generation to generation through folklore and by word of mouth and they would usually be unknown to those outside the Mayan culture.

This article and the one following it will selectively focus on accessible Mayan prophecies from authentic sources that are specifically relevant to our discussion. Our purpose is to consider the prophecies which can be correlated with real events that have taken place in the not too distant past and we will look at the symbolism of the prophecies for the near and the intermediate future.

Time, Space and Energy

First, in order to have a general understanding of how the Mayans perceived and measured time, a few time related concepts need to be taken into account first: The Mayan perception of time encompasses energy and space. Everything contains, and therefore, is energy. The energies measured or followed, emanate from the earth, the four directions and from the cosmos and everyone is affected by them.

For the Mayans, time is circular and cyclical, depending on which aspects of it are being measured, but in the long run there is an overall linear progression. Time is measured for different reasons and with different objectives. The calendars interact with each other to form cycles (or circles) within cycles. Some Mayan calendars measure agricultural cycles, while others measure human cycles and yet others are used for ceremony or prophecy. There are as many as twenty Mayan calendars in existence, but several of them have fallen out of use for various reasons.

In contemporary modern terms, few people would normally be conscious of these energies, but all people are probably subconsciously conscious of them. For example, sometimes these energies can be felt or sensed. Days, weeks and even years, “feel” different from others. However, outside of Western astrology, the idea that time periods could have different energetic patterns which could have actual practical, literal or physical effects, is not taken very seriously.

Archetypes and Symbolism

Mayan archetypes, deities or gods were assigned to express, depict and present the characteristics of these energies. Thereby, time and energy were given “shape”, so to say. The traits and characteristics of these archetypes, deities and gods would then “embody” the nature of the ages, in order to understand and “see” them better. This gave time dimensional qualities that go far beyond the concept of time simply being measured as an arbitrary linear process.

Ages, millennia, decades, days and events were mapped symbolically through this method and they were also integrated within the Mayan hieroglyphic writing system. In this way the Mayans were always conscious of their position in time. They knew where they were on each day, they knew where they came from, and they knew where they were heading to, all within an energetic and symbolic context, while it also had practical implications within their community contexts.

This is the ultimate gift that the classic Mayan civilization has left to the world, and it is especially relevant during these times that we live in.  Simply put, since people in the modern world don’t generally sense the subtle energies and their influences on a daily basis, systems such as the Mesoamerican calendars can be of immense value in providing a map of the unknown. Not only that, it can allow us to anticipate the general characteristics of future time frames within particular time periods, as the Mayans did.

Circles, Cycles and Linearity

The circles and cycles that come around again or return, are never absolutely the same every time. They have similar characteristics, but it is worth remembering that there are smaller cycles (and circles) within larger ones, the very large ones stretching many thousands of years into the past and future. As all these cycles turn and interact, almost like cogs in a grand energetic mechanism (or rather, organism), not all of the larger wheels would be at the same place every time when a cycle recurs.

For example, 19.7 year time frames known as Katuns, with particular characteristics, come around every 256 years (the length of the entire cycle of 13 Katuns). However, a 19.7 year Katun happening during the beginning stages of a great cycle of 5125 years would not be exactly the same as the same Katun happening somewhere in the middle of a great cycle. That is because the entire cycle of 256 years would fit into 5125 years several times over (20 times to be exact) and the great cycle would be at an energetic peak in its middle part (about 2500 years into it) while it would be at an energetic low towards its end or beginning. Therefore at the great cycle’s high point, the 19.7 year Katun would be affected by the peak energy of the 5125 year great cycle, whereas at the end of the great cycle that Katun would be affected by the low energy of the great cycle. (What is meant with “high” or “low” will be explored in more detail later.)

Therefore prophecies can only ever be a guideline to how things may turn out.  Nevertheless, the accuracy and power of the prophetic Mayan calendars should not be underestimated. That is, if we can manage to read them, considering their complexity. During the rest of this article and its follow-up installment(s) we will make a humble attempt towards doing so.

The Ending of Cycles

We are now going to take a brief look at the endings of several significant cycles, which are also automatically the beginning of new cycles, while also very briefly considering the characteristics or prophetic relevance of each one. Later on (in the next installment) we will delve into some of the deeper symbolism of the specific prophecies related to the ending of these cycles:

  1. The 468 years dark Bolom Tiku cycle that ended in 1987: This was the end of a long dark age (and the beginning of an age of light, called Oxlajuj Tiku that will last 676 years.) In the immediate years after this cycle ended major events unfolded, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), the end of the Soviet Union (1991), the end of Apartheid (1991-94) and the beginning of the Northern Ireland Peace process (1994).
  2. The 5125 year 4th Great Cycle, also known as the Mayan 4th World, that ended on 21 December 2012: This was the end of a very long cycle ruled by masculine energy and the element of water. It was also the beginning of the Maya Fifth World which is meant to be ruled by both masculine and feminine energies and would have the combined four elements of the previous four cycles, namely: Fire, Air, Earth and Water, plus a new element – Ether. (We are five years into this new cycle at the time of writing in 2017. NoteThe Fifth World is prophesied to ultimately result in a state of harmony after the transition, gestation and maturation stages have completed. However, for humans to be compatible with such a state or condition would imply that they would have to go through a significant conversion, transformation or even a transmutation process.
  3. The 19.7 year Katun period named 4 Ahau that started on 6 April 1993 and ended on the 21st of December 2012: Throughout the ages this Katun has had strong spiritual qualities, but included a lot of upheaval too. During this recent 20 year cycle there was a powerful revival of Eastern spirituality and philosophy within the West and the New Age movement grew with leaps and bounds.
  4. The 19.7 year Katun period named 2 Ahau that started on December 22, 2012 and that will end on 7 September 2032: This was the beginning of a 19.7 year period that symbolically and energetically have strong qualities related to polarization and major upheaval, while there are positive elements and aspects to this period too. (At the time of writing we are 5 years into this phase.)
  5. The 19.7 year Katun period named 13 Ahau that will start on 8 September 2032 and will end on May 25, 2052: This is a 19.7 year period that has been determined to be dark and is symbolically the most unstable of all the Katuns, with the world usually being turned upside down, symbolically and literally.
  6. A relatively long prophetic Katuns Cycle of 256 years that started in 1796 and will end in 2052. This is the entire prophetic Katuns cycle (also known as the ‘short count’) – thirteen consecutive 19.7 year periods.

Note: The last couple of Katuns in the 256 years cycle are always considered to be unstable and they usually include the collapse of systems and structures. According to prophecy, shortly afterwards the beginning of a brand new 256 year prophetic cycle would usher in a new dawn and a complete rejuvenation of the world.

Katuns 2 Ahau and 13 Ahau mentioned above in numbers 4 and 5 are the last two 19.7 year increments in this overall 256 years cycle. Basically these two Katuns constitute the winding down and final collapse of the old world, before the new world arises from the ashes.

Why are these cycles important?

The first three cycles mentioned above provide immediate reference points for events that have already taken place. We will use them in one of the following installments to determine whether they indeed signified any real changes in terms of real world events. If so, for example in the case of the changeover from one Katun to the next, we will then be able to illustrate that each Katun embodies a generational “spirit of the age” (in Western terms also known as a ‘zeitgeist’). 

This will help us to prove that the shifting or changing of the spirit of the age seems to happen relatively abruptly from one short age to the next, but not from one very long cycle to the next, due to the gestation and transition periods being much longer. For example, many people were surprised that nothing happened at the end of 2012, but we are currently still accelerating deeper into the “birth canal” of the transition between the two Great Cycles and many more changes are bound to be experienced as we continue along. 

The rest of Katun 2 Ahau (5 years have already passed at the time of writing) and the entire Katun 13 Ahau will happen during the next 35 years, between 2017 and 2052.

The entire Katuns cycle of 256 years (listed as no. 6 above), will end in 2052 and this is probably the most significant ending of all the cycles. If we are lucky we (humanity) should exit “the birth canal” around that time. However, at that point we would have to “learn how to walk” within the context of the new configuration of the energies.

Importantly the next 35 years could potentially be experienced (lived through) by the majority of people alive today under the age of fifty. Those of us who are going to be around will have to deal with the upcoming changes. The younger the person, the more likely it is that they would experience most or all of it, depending on location, circumstances and events. Ultimately everything would depend on everyone’s attitude towards the whole process. 

In the next installments we will take a closer look at the prophecies related to the cycles listed in this article and extrapolate further from there. We will also consider the purpose of some of the energies from a human development point of view and look into how we can work with them. First we will look at the concept of dark and light ages (published). 

This article has been written for general consumption and some concepts have been simplified. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.


J.J. Montagnier is a futurologist and writer based in South America. He has an interest in anthropology, archeology, mythology, psychology and spirituality.

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The following main sources have been consulted during the writing of this article:

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Please note: References to and excerpts from this article may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the author and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content:



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6 Responses to “Energy Shifts (1) – Apocalypse Now?”

  1. Fascinating read, as always. I admit, during the lead up to December 21, 2012 I didn’t pay much attention to talk of Mayan calendars: I figured it was all Hollywood hype. But your discussions of Mayan prophecies seem much more credible. I hope I get to learn more about some of these concepts when I’m in Belize, learning about Mayan culture.

    • Jean-Jacques says:

      Hello Josh. Thank you for your input. I had a strong feeling that there was much more to the Mayan prophecies than how they were presented in the lead up to 2012, but due to the complexity and relative obscurity of some of it, it is only now that I have pieced enough information together to come to the conclusions that I have in these articles.

      There are Maya elders and priests who have attempted to make the true information of their calendars and prophecies more accessible to the public, but their works were swamped by the commercial frenzy and hype at the time. It’s amazing how interest has dwindled since then.

      I can recommend Carlos Barrios’s book: The Book of Destiny for a great overview of Mayan spirituality, history, the prophecies and their calendars. While you are in Belze I think you would have the perfect opportunity to learn more and I hope you meet someone there who would be able to fill you in more – and I look forward to reading about it! I found the people in Belize to be quite talkative and friendly.

      • Thanks for the book recommendation, Jacques. I’d love to learn more about real Mayan spirituality and calendars, besides just the commercial hype. It is remarkable how few people are talking about Mayan calendars now that the world didn’t end in 2012.

        • Jean-Jacques says:

          Your’e welcome, Josh! Yes, I think a lot of people think that the Mayan calendar was wrong (due it having been misrepresented), so they have lost interest, which is a real shame. Perhaps as time progresses people will return to the real purpose and benefits of the calendars (specifically the sacred *Tzolkin calendar) when they start to seek out solutions for living in harmony with their inner selves and their environment.

          The *Tzolkin – “What’s Your Mayan Sun Sign?”

  2. Debra says:

    Great article Jacques – Thanks for weaving together all those resources. This is such a clear presentation… plenty for the ‘reasoning mind’ to grab onto. Very well done.

  3. Jean-Jacques says:

    Your feedback is appreciated, Debra – I wrote this having the uninitiated and the layperson in mind, so if it comes through clear, then Ive reached my objective. Also, there are a lot of people who would not normally pay any attention to anything “metaphysical”, so the reasoning and rational part is for them.
    Thanks again.

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