The Fifth Earth – Energy Transitions (Part 2) – The Valley of Shadows in the Landscape of Light

Cahal Pech – Archaeological site, San Ignacio, Belize. Photo by JJM (2015)


Note – this article refers to the Original Mayan Prophecies listed in Part 1 (updated)


The Valley of Shadows in The Landscape of Light

After Dark

So-called “dark ages” are not only dark. They are also light. Although we tend to view dark ages with some trepidation, or perhaps even with fear, they serve an important role. It is during dark times that we seek out our own light and the light of others. It is dark times that show up the shadows in the world and bring them to the surface. It is only by being confronted by darkness that we can truly aspire to light. Thus, from darkness comes light.

One cycle leads to another and one prepares us for the other. In other words, the whole process should be approached with a certain attitude: An understanding that cycles, whether light or dark, are evolutionary in nature and in purpose, and that we are able to work with these energies, either way.

The Mayan Fifth World, a 5125 year great cycle that started at the end of 2012 is said to hold immense opportunity for spiritual growth. Presently we are still transitioning into the Fifth World, while slowly pulling out of the Fourth. By seeing the opportunities that this transition holds for personal transformation, we can all become conscious co-creators of the new world as we transition into it.  

Knowing the Energies

By knowing the characteristics of energies we are able to know how to work with them. Knowing them can allow us to step over some of their negative manifestations and we can know how to fully experience and gain from their positive influences. This happens by honoring the symbolism of the energies by integrating their purpose in our thought processes and by applying that to our daily living. When we don’t know about these energies we are at their disposal rather than the other way around.

The easiest way for newcomers to the Mayan calendars to start knowing the archetypes that embody the energies is to follow the sacred Tzolkin calendar on a daily basis. This opens up a broader understanding of the cyclical nature and the interactions of the characteristics of the various energies with each other. For example, the continuity from one cycle to the next becomes apparent and the repetitive nature of them in an altered form every time, in a gradual, never-ending, cyclical, but overall linear progression of renewal eventually comes into view. 

Where we are presently

Presently (from 2012 to 2032) we are in two very long light ages and one short dark age. Oxlajuj Tiku is a 676 year cycle that started in 1987. The Mayan Fifth World, is a 5125 year Great Cycle that started at the end of 2012. Both of these long cycles are considered to have energetic characteristics that are very positive and light. Katun 2 Ahau is a 19.7 year short cycle that started on 22 December 2012 and will end on 7 September 2032. This short cycle has symbolism and energy that relates more to a negative cycle, or dark age, due to its polarity.

Katun 2 Ahau appears to have the strongest influence right now, as shorter cycles have a tendency to be stronger in overt influence. The two underlying cycles of light are currently more subtle in their influence. However their influence will increase as time progresses within the context of cycles progressing in a wave like motion, with a wave being low in energy at its beginning and high at its peak.

What we are going through

Katun 2 Ahau that started in 2012 and ends in 2032 will be followed up by another 19.7 year short dark age, Katun 13 Ahau which ends on May 25, 2052. These two volatile Katuns add up to 39.4 years in total. Afterwards, on May 26 2052, Katun 11 Ahau will follow which would be a 19.7 year age of light. However, as mentioned before, and it is always worth keeping in mind: no dark age has ever been without light and no light age has ever been without dark. Essentially we are passing through a temporary dark phase during an overall long light period. Put differently, we are traversing a valley of shadows in the overall landscape of light.

Where we are going to

Symbolically speaking, the year 2052 would be very significant, because from that year onwards we will be in three light ages at the same time, overlapping and blending with each other. It would also be the point at which, if all goes well, we should complete the forty year Fourth to Fifth World great cycle transition phase. By then the energies of the two underlying long light ages would have grown stronger in influence and we would have pulled out of most of the Fourth World’s influence. The Fifth World’s gestation period should commence around 2052 and most of the transition turmoil should be behind us. 

Premature Fear and Ecstasy

The Mayan Fifth World’s energy will therefore only be fully active in a couple of hundred years when all growth stages; transition, gestation and maturation have been completed. Virtually everyone who wrote about 2012 forgot to factor these in, which explains why “nothing happened” on 21 December 2012. That date simply marked the beginning of a 40 year long transition phase and we are currently 5 years into it (at the time of writing in 2017). The upside is that the world didn’t end and we still have time to prepare for the changes ahead. 

Focusing on the Horizon

Our main interest is naturally in completing the transition process successfully, because this will take up most of the rest of our lives. It is however very important to remain cognizant of the bigger picture in order to know where we are going to, so that we can make it through to 2052. While symbolically keeping that arrival point in mind and knowing where we are heading, we can then focus more specifically on the immediate and near future: the next 15 years – the rest of Katun 2 Ahau.  (We will do so in-depth in the next installment of this series).

Transition, Gestation & Maturation

Please see the list of cycles and prophecies in PART 1

Before we continue further, it is important to be aware of how the transition period has been calculated. Although specific information about the length of the great cycle’s transition length is hard to come by, we do know that all cycles have transition, gestation and maturation phases. Fortunately, details about the length of growth phases of other cycles, such as the 676 year Oxlajuj Tiku cycle that started up in 1987, are available.

In The Book of Destiny we learn from Carlos Barrios that the Oxlajuj Tiku cycle’s transition stage lasted 5 years, from the cycle starting point in 1987 until 1992. Following that was a gestation period of 9 years, from 1992 to 2001 and then finally there was a period of maturation that lasted for another 13 years, from 2001 to 2014. In other words this cycle only became fully active 27 years after it had started.

By using the Oxlajuj Tiku cycle’s details we can thereby make a somewhat basic, or perhaps rudimentary, calculation to arrive at the approximate length of the great cycle’s transition: The amount of times that 676 (length of the Oxlajuj Tiku cycle) fits into 5125 (length of the great cycle), which is: 7.581 times (seven point five eight one), can be multiplied with the length of the Oxlajuj Tiku’s transition stage, which is 5 years. (The Oxlajuj Tiku cycle is 7.581 times smaller than the great cycle.) 

That gives us a rough estimation, proportionally speaking, of the transition length for the great cycle: the Mayan Fifth World. The result is roughly 38 years (37.9 years to be exact) and that figure matches closely to the 39.4 years of the combined period of the Katuns 2 and 13 Ahau – and it also coincides with the dates of those Katuns: 2012 – 2052.

Energetically speaking it makes logical sense that the transition stage from the Fourth to the Fifth worlds would happen during the last two Katuns in the overall  256 year Katuns cycle,  and that those Katuns would also happen to be two of the most volatile Katuns overall. This much is also alluded to by Bruce Scofield, in his article, The Maya Katun Prophecies.

Everything has purpose

It becomes clear to anyone who studies this subject that there is an energetic process at work in the universe. If there is a process at work there must be purpose to such a process. Becoming aware of the energetic cycles gives us a glimpse of the evolutionary processes organised by the hidden hand of the universe. Every stage of development has purpose and each stage is a preparatory stage for the next one, whether dark or light.

As Above, so Below

The Fifth World is prophesied to ultimately result in a state of harmony after the transition, gestation and maturation stages have completed. However, for humans to be compatible with such a state or condition implies that they would have to go through a significant spiritual transformation or even a spiritual transmutation process during the transition phase. 

To date – most probably due to comfort zones and distractions – it would seem that humans in general would probably not be taking the initiative to transform themselves in time – and indeed, it is questionable whether the majority of people have the wherewithal of doing so. Besides, we have almost run out of time in terms of altering our approach to resource depletion and climate change. 

Thus, one could argue that theoretically speaking, in order to assist humanity with an internal transformation – a prophetic requirement for entering the Fifth World – the external environment would have to change profoundly in order to bring such a huge internal change about within people.

This scenario fits the prophecies for Katuns 2 and 13 Ahau perfectly. The energies are lined up exactly as they should be in order to bring about a grand renewal of the world, externally and internally. 

Why am I here, now?

At this point we may wonder why we as individuals have to go through this process. If we factor in the journey of the soul in Mayan mythology, than we may wonder why we, as journeying souls, would choose to be here, right now. Why would we not choose to arrive in the world at the peak of a great cycle when spirituality and consciousness would be at its highest point? Surely that would be much more enriching and much more fun? The answer is that we have, perhaps, chosen to be in the world at a point that holds the highest potential for spiritual growth and such times are not necessarily meant to be the easiest of times.

If we choose not to take responsibility for being here, we can simply let all the changes sweep us along and hope for the best. Alternatively, we can take responsibility for being here at this time and consciously assist in the birthing of the New World – and by doing so we would arrive at our full potential as participating humans in the cycles of life. 

Individual Purpose

In order to participate in the renewal of the world individuals need to become familiar with their own purpose and their destiny. That can be achieved through the sacred Mayan Tzolkin and The Mayan Cross. These tools are ideal to work with for comprehensive self-discovery and readers are encouraged to start exploring their place in the world and to become acquainted with their deep authentic inner selves, which would automatically lead the way into the 5th World,  

In the next article we will delve into the Spirit of the Age of recent and future Katuns and consider how we can use this Katun to prepare for the next one. This will illustrate how both hindsight and foresight, in the context of the Mayan calendars, can be very useful in the real world.

Continue to Part 3 >> 

In-depth Mayan Cross readings can be ordered from Mayan Majix and Kenneth Johnson.

Daily sacred Tzolkin posts with integrated mythology can be found at Mark Elmy’s site The Four Pillars. 

Free personal Mayan Cross summarised reports can be found at My Mayan Sign. 


J.J. Montagnier is a futurologist and writer based in South America. He has an interest in anthropology, archeology, mythology, psychology and spirituality. His writings on the Mayan calendars are influenced by his knowledge of Jungian psychology and are also intuitively inspired. The author visited Central America in 2015 to do research on the subject.

This article has been written for general consumption and some concepts have been simplified. The views and opinions are those of the author.  Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible. 


The following main sources have been consulted during the writing of this article:

  1. The Book of Destiny – Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012, by Carlos Barrios (published in 2009). [1] [2]. 
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Plaza A with Structure A1, Cahal Pech, San Ignacio, Belize. Photo by JJM (2015).


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6 Responses to “The Fifth Earth – Energy Transitions (Part 2) – The Valley of Shadows in the Landscape of Light”

  1. An incredibly fascinating read, as always. It does seem that we are headed for major external and internal changes, although I fear that in the short term this will be catastrophic for what we refer to as civilization. But I suppose that if enough of us become active participants in the current transition, then the medicine will be easier to swallow.

    I admit, it does often feel like I’m being swept along on a path that I can only partly control. I can’t help but be carried downstream, but the current is just weak enough that I can keep my head above water and guide myself to the opposite shore. Following my time in Belize, however, there have been bizarre developments that I could never have foreseen.

  2. Jean-Jacques says:

    Josh, thank you for your thoughts and feedback – they are appreciated, as always. The issue with our civilisation – “civilisation as we know it” – is that it’s built on and relies on resources that are not infinite – in particular: fossil fuels. When that starts running out we are going to not have much of a choice but to revert to more simple living.

    At the moment modern civilisation is catastrophic for the plant (pollution, contamination, over-exploitation, deforestation, driving some species to extinction – and all our activities add to climate change – although some of it may be natural, a great part of it is due to human activities).

    I think if we can acknowledge and admit that we have made some major mistakes in how we have designed our civilisation – with no resilience built in to deal with resource depletion and over-population of the limited space the planet can provide – then maybe we can see all the changes that will come about not as negative, but as positive and a great opportunity to correct our ways. In the very least we can start brain-storming ways to adjust – that in itself is already doing something positive and constructive.

    To a large extent all of us will be swept along regardless, but by making preparations for the upcoming changes people can avoid some of the worst negative effects. (More on this later).

    I very much look forward to hearing more about your time in Belize and it would also be interesting to hear how things have developed since your return.

  3. Agree. There is something to that light can be shed from darkness. Sometimes in order to see the light, we have to be in darkness so to speal. Great post👍

  4. John Harris says:

    Well written, informative and inspirational read. I see close parallels and co-relation in the prophecies of my Faith so this I relate to very much.

    It reminds us to remain awake and mindful of our responsibilities as humans and that even though it seems like nothing is really happening, it really is and is part of a much larger plan.

    Thank you so much.

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