The ability to think freely could prove to be more important than a high level of intelligence. There is apparently more than one type of natural IQ, although conventionally only one type is measured. Others are emotional intelligence, social intelligence and spiritual intelligence. There may well be more.
Independence of thought is not a natural ability and without it we could be limited in our perception. Unrestricted thinking can be achieved to a certain extent, but might take years to accomplish, once we have become self aware for the need to do so. After all we are products of our cultures and societies with their distinctive education and belief systems, which have obvious limitations and natural biases.
The bigger the picture, the more angles and points of view can be considered and the more nuanced a person’s thought processes might become. Independence of thought can be attained through critical factual analysis, investigative research and an openness to the consideration of diverse opinions and points of view, without bias. But first we need to become aware of the need to become aware. Critical thinking and questioning virtually everything, are the keys.

Jean-Jacques M

Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer


  1. hayden

    It seems to me that thinking freely and creative intelligence are connected.

    I think of it as requiring the ability to “look to see what IS.” So often we look to see what we expect, and so that’s all we see. Often it means we don’t “see” at all.

    Perhaps that is the intelligence most challenged/developed when one decides to live outside of conventional structures/expectations? By freely giving up expectation – or by challenging oneself in the wilderness – one learns to let go of expectation and SEE what IS.

  2. Jean-Jacques @ Gypsy Café

    Thank you Hyaden, your comment is a perfect addition to what I was trying to put into words – I agree – creative intelligence is often overlooked and under-appreciated and is possibly the most important of them all (if we can categorize intelligences)

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