You have to return eventually,
To see everything differently
To see what you see differently.
And how you see it differently.
Due to having gone away.

Old points of reference
Faded through absence
Return to conscience
And highlights the essence
Of what you have transcended
Compared with if you had stayed

This place is not the same
But its from where you came
Similar, but only in name
Or, is it rather who you became?
Will what you have gained
Not fade, not be difficult to retain
Unless you go again?

Jean-Jacques Montagnier  

© 2009. All Rights Reserved.


Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer


  1. Mokihana

    It was fun to visit here after so long a stint. Your perspective on what is familiar or not … based on the point from which you view is timely. We have been perched on a ledge in the woods for now, nearly five months. The trees have become familiar, and the people who live near are familiar though we know we will leave soon. The senses change I think when the road calls, is it the head that senses these things or the canals that lead from heart to feet? I wander … Nice visiting again. Thank you.

  2. Gypsy Café

    Hello Mokihana, it’s very nice to see you visiting again. Yes, it has been quite a while. My aim was initially to post at least once every two months – thats still my intention, give or take a month here or there… ;-). I’d rather post infrequently with some substance, than the other way around.

    I just re-read “Intermission” again, imagining it from the perspective of a traveller at (one of) his or her chosen destination/s, away from “home base” or the departure point. I wrote this piece originally from the perspective of the traveller having returned “home” after a long time away and having been home for a while, wondering if / when he should move on / travel again.

    I’m glad that it seems to work both ways. I think you are right about the senses changing when the road calls – and sometimes I think the reasons why the road calls, lie deeper than for us to be able to define it clearly, (but we try anyway), but when we wander the heart inspires the feet and the wondering head goes along for the ride 😉

  3. Jaguar Woman

    Just stopped by the Gypsy Cafe and stumbled into coffee and Intermission.
    This got me thinking of changing perceptions – ways I think I’ve changed, can clearly see the how and why, but wonder if it’s finished or if there’s something there I have to learn again. I think I’ve taken a nosedive into the coffee or some other dark opaque substance, like primordial goo.

    I really liked this – definitely a spiral.
    Thanks for the coffee.

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