October 2012


It could be said that our life cycles include Circles and Spirals. Circles can become Spirals and Spirals can become Circles. There are two types of Circles: The ones we need to transcend: Circles which need to become Spirals. The ones we have already transcended: Spirals which have become Circles. The latter cause us no stress. They keep us grounded and give us balance and guidance. They form our foundations. The Circles we need to convert into Spirals can keep us going in circles. They need to be identified, because here we are in need of growth. Often we put these Circles off to convert into Spirals later. They would bother us subconsciously though, because we know we have to get around to them eventually. Some of our Spirals are knowingly not complete. They have gone into dormancy along the way and we must return to them later. At times…