Neolithic Art, Entrance Stone, Newgrange, Co. Meath, Ireland
Circles and Spirals on the entrance stone at Newgrange, Co Meath, Ireland [Photo by JJM]

It could be said that our life cycles include Circles and Spirals. Circles can become Spirals and Spirals can become Circles.

There are two types of Circles:
The ones we need to transcend: Circles which need to become Spirals.
The ones we have already transcended: Spirals which have become Circles.

The latter cause us no stress. They keep us grounded and give us balance and guidance. They form our foundations.

The Circles we need to convert into Spirals can keep us going in circles. They need to be identified, because here we are in need of growth. Often we put these Circles off to convert into Spirals later. They would bother us subconsciously though, because we know we have to get around to them eventually.

Some of our Spirals are knowingly not complete. They have gone into dormancy along the way and we must return to them later.

At times we think a Spiral is complete, but it is not. We inevitably end up going up the same Spiral again. Fortunately this gives is the opportunity to try out new methods or approaches to complete it.

Once in a while we keep on going on a Spiral, not realising that we have already transcended it. We have forgotten to look back from time to time to remember where we have come from, where we are going and what has happened along the way. We may already have gone way beyond where we wanted to be in the first place. This is usually a good thing, but this achievement needs to be fully recognised and reflected upon, for it to have the value it is meant to have.

Some exceptional Spirals can only be transcended in realising that they cannot be transcended. These are the most difficult ones to identify, because generally speaking we Spiral masterers don’t really like the idea of not being able to master a spiral.

The lesson in this is that the un-masterable Spiral will be your master, your sage, your guru. Whether you know it or not, through your efforts of transcending it, it has guided you to transcend other Spirals along the way, often unknowingly  and usually unintentionally. You have to now bring these other Spirals, which you have transcended unwittingly, into consciousness in order to benefit from them. You should now clearly see how in some cases you were simply not supposed to transcend the original Spiral at that time. Chances are though that you will still transcend it later, spontaneously and naturally, but it will be experienced as less than the major event you have built it up to be. It will just happen, because you have already set the energy in motion for it to come to pass.

A few Circles and Spirals simply have more to do with learning how to make peace with ourselves or with a situation, than with mastering or conquering or achieving.

Depending on where you are on the Big Spiral of Life, which encompasses all the smaller ones, you will sometimes have to descend in order to ascend again further later.

Sometimes we need to know how to pick our spirals. Other times we have been lead up the garden spiral. Sometimes we lead ourselves up the garden spiral. At times we count our spirals before they have been transcended. On occasion we are simply on the wrong spiral, but these “wrong” spirals usually hold the highest value for personal growth.

Happy Circle Converting and Spiral Mastering!

Text and photograph by Jean-Jacques Montagnier

© 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Explorer, Philosopher, Photographer


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