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People are like trees.

Depending on the forest, they are all similar, yet different.

In very many forests the trees are so similar that the odd trees really stand out.

These are the trees we are drawn to, to find shade under, or talk to, or confide in, or share our dreams and thoughts with.

Often it’s just good to know that there are trees which can be trusted to be different.

In most forests authentic growth is not permitted.

When forests are scientifically cultivated it happens on occasion that a seed from a far away forest finds it’s way by air or other means to the local forest.

As it grows up the odd tree initially looks like any other tree, but inside it grows differently, because it comes from an original type of seed.

As these trees continue to grow they start showing very unique attributes, so the forest keepers try to prune them into submission and conformity.

After a while such a tree would grow back into itself again and the pruning process is repeated.

Eventually due to the tenacity of these seeds insisting on remaining true to themselves, the cutting down attempts start up, but these trees are not felled easily. Due to all their re-growing efforts they had become extremely resilient, tough and strong.

Uprooting this type of tree proves virtually futile due the depth of its roots, which goes all the way back to the original forest.

We find that these odd and stubbornly eccentric trees are not full of poison or hatred for what had been done to them, however they are wise to the natures of generic and general trees.

Just like elephants, they never forget and they reject poisoning influences.

On closer inspection odd trees can be identified by their calluses, multiple knots and scars, giving character and a rich texture to their individuality.

Odd trees are descendent from an era of forests which grew wildly and freely with well preserved, natural ecosystems.

It is in such forests where seeds are more likely to be uniquely activated, but difficult winters are mandatory for shaping their characters fully.

During times of draught original trees tend to survive due to the amount of life giving water retained in their roots and core.

Sometimes the entire ecosystems in which eccentric trees stand become so unbalanced that it’s only they which remain alive, being fully functional self nurturing ecosystems within themselves.

It’s from the buried roots of these trees which ecosystems eventually recover again fully, even when these odd trees themselves appear to have been dead for years.

In an ideal forest all trees would aspire to become fully-fledged, self sufficient, inner nurturing trees in their own right.

Fortunately the winds of time have spread original tree seeds far and wide, but in small quantities, making them present, but increasingly rare to find due to the increasing uniformity of forests.

Even in middle to old age, after weathering particularly harsh storms, original trees always return to form.

Onlookers are mesmerised by their re-established youthfulness, beauty and attractiveness, energy and vibrancy.

When strong winds batter the forest, trees in close proximity manage to survive as well by being shielded by them.

The function of original trees is not to shield for too long, but to guide other trees to stand strong on their own feet and strengthen their roots.

Seedlings which grow in the shade of individuated trees may or may not be influenced by them. That is the nature of the choice all seedlings have to either learn or not learn from their elders.

Individuated trees know that the roots of all trees finally lead back to the original forest, but that the roots of the vast majority of trees have become severed over time or have never developed fully due to restricted growth and wilful conformity.

A tree which makes the right choice to reconnect its roots and follow them back to their origin and source, stands a good chance of becoming a fully actualised and self-transcended tree in a forest of mediocrity.

Eventually even the forest keepers seek shade under original trees, having gained respect for them over time, in spite of themselves.

Being an eccentric tree is not an easy life, but it’s the most authentic life an original tree can live. Besides, it may be the only way for a tree to stay alive in a contaminated and dying forest.

Original trees never fade, they just go through seasons. That is the nature of Authentic Treedom.


Dedicated to S.O.C.

By Jean-Jacques M. © 2014. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. rooshkie

    “Tree at last, Tree at last, Thank God almighty we are Tree at last.” Yep, had trouble resisting that one… and so I didn’t.

    Great post – like the image of the tree of authenticity sheltering those who had, in the past, attempted to fell it. Deep resonance.

  2. Mokihana

    I am blessed with the wisdom of the words and even more my old roots drink from the deep well. Dolly P was right! I’m starting this new morning with a cup of hot drink and TreeDom. This was a very nice reconnection.
    Deep Journeys,

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