July 2014


Folklore has the purpose of educating us about the real world as we grow up. It helps children become aware of archetypes in relation to the nature of people. When they then come across such characters in real life, they won’t be completely new to them. On that note, we now visit an as-yet unexplored part of the Chicken Little fable. Not unlike the protagonists of many children’s fables, Chicken Little inadvertently “fell under the spell” of the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing, which in this case was a fox. In many cultures, the fox appears in folklore as a symbol of cunning and trickery, or as a familiar animal possessed of magic powers.[1] The fox or jackal or coyote in mythology would in many cases contain the archetype of the trickster. According to Jungian psychology, tricksters can be characterized as follows: Psychologically, descriptive of unconscious shadow tendencies of an…