‘Holding the Key’. A mural by Jade Rivera, Barranco, Lima. (Photo by JJM – April 2019.)

The Keys to Conscious Co-Creation (UPDATED)

We are destined to be co-creators – and free will is the key. The interesting thing is that the source (the Source) and force of creativity (creative energy) flow through humans, which then leads to the creation of new paradigms. Energy creates through us – we are the channels for Source energy on earth, but we are not the (main) Source itself.

We are remote extensions of Source, so remote that many of us are not aware of our connection to Source. As channels of Source, we collaborate with Source. At the same time, we are also autonomous energy configurations. That is because we all come into this world as an energy archetype – we could call this our borne identity.

Each person’s born archetype is their energy imprint that lies deeper than the socialisation or environmental factors that would usually play a role in personality formation during childhood. The borne archetype is the foundation and framework of the authentic deep-Self. It is the vessel of each individual’s true identity. This archetype is largely hidden to most people but is at the core of each human’s being.

The borne archetype can take a lifetime to fully uncover. Many individuals concentrate mainly on developing their ego-personalities (which is also important) or their personas (the masks that they present to the world), but they neglect delving deeper into their core-Selves.

Free will is something that humans are uniquely endowed with, as opposed to other species. It is, perhaps, ironic that it is with free will that we are able to deny our awareness of a connection to Source. This can happen because the combination of free will with the ego-self could give the illusion to a person that they are already a fully autonomous being and that, by implication, they would not need to be connected to a Source.

In fact, free will can naturally make a person want to be independent from Source during certain stages of their ego-development, but the downside is that it may also lead to not eventually pursuing a deeper self-developmental path.

Holistic and comprehensive self-development would encompass deep self-exploration and various levels of psychological and spiritual development. Many people tend to shy away from – especially – the metaphysical aspects, but it is mainly through the spiritual path that we can come to fathom the depth of our connection to Source.

Another irony is that although free will can lead us to want to be independent from Source, we would usually lack the will to be sufficiently independent from society (from group-consciousness) at the same time. This tends to result in an oscillation between the ego-self and the group-self (the social-self), with the authentic deep-Self often being relegated to taking a backseat.

All of us are born into this world with great potential and great purpose. That borne purpose that each and every one of us has is to co-create along with the creative Source energy in the universe and to, thereby, be active participants in the evolutionary processes right here on earth. This can happen either unconsciously (subconsciously and, therefore, on ‘auto-pilot’) or consciously, which is much more powerful.

There are two important requirements for becoming conscious co-creators through free will. First, co-creation requires humility. Second, it requires making a commitment to working with Source and, therefore, for Source.

Although the human ego is very important because it allows us to form our individual personalities (which we need to use in our interactions with the outside world), our egos can sometimes get in the way of conscious co-creation – the reason being that the act of co-creating with Source on a conscious level is an act that is divinely inspired through our connection to Source. When we co-create consciously, we do so from our higher-Selves, because it is our our higher-Selves that can recognise our connection to Source and its influence on us. However, acting consciously from our higher-Selves would require bypassing our ego-selves.

To co-create consciously and regularly, one would need to be able to operate or live from one’s higher-Self much of the time, which would require ongoing spiritual maintenance and development (and a lot of self-knowledge). Continuous spiritual practice (with the ego having taken a backseat and the core-Self having come to the fore) would then result in the ongoing humility that is required for conscious co-creation on a consistent basis. This does not mean that the ego-self has to be destroyed, only that it has to take more of an observer role in these matters.

Free will is the main key for activating and entering this co-creation teamwork process with Source. In other words, we have to willingly and consciously commit ourselves to becoming co-creators. We have to activate ourselves within our given roles as co-creators through a conscious decision to be of service to Source by becoming conduits of Source. Our soul-Selves would then form a partnership in consciousness with Source.

We bring our gifts and talents (gifted through our archetypes), our skills and abilities (developed through life experience, work and education) and our free will and commitment to the conscious co-creation project. We also bring natural confidence, without developing a “god-complex”, because a well- developed authentic-Self has confidence that does not stem from ego-consciousness.

The problem with ego is that it is rarely mature enough to deal with divine matters consistently, so the divine aspect of the co-creation process often falters when ego gets in the way. What happens is that ego tends to want to take control of the direction of the creation process, but it often loses its way because it loses sight of the divine influence driving the process through the higher-Self. Ego also tends to want to bask in all the glory … humility, therefore, remains a key ingredient for being in tune with one’s higher-Self.

Co-creation and collaboration with the divine energy Source in the universe occur from our higher- or core-, true-, real-, authentic- or soul-Selves, because that is where the link – the spiritual umbilical cord – to Source is found. Once we make a personal soul-commitment to consciously co-create with Source, our authentic purpose in life needs to be identified. This would provide the direction and momentum for moving ahead with the conscious co-creation process.

Some people have a strong sense of authentic purpose from a young age, while others develop it along the way. Most people discover it through long-term personality development and dedicated spiritual exploration as it takes time to learn how to differentiate between all the different components of the psyche, namely aspects of the ego-self such as the persona (the false-self), the idealised-self (the hypothetical ‘perfect-self’) and – importantly – the authentic-Self.

There are several ways that one can unlock knowledge of one’s true purpose in life. The easiest and most natural way would be to simply ask the Creative Source in the universe to show the way. This may be done through whichever method a person would be most comfortable with. It could be through meditation or prayer, or by simply posing the question in thought personally to Source. By having trust in receiving an answer, an answer will come through signs, events, circumstances or opportunities. The important thing is to look out for the answer and to recognise it when it arrives – and to accept it.

Fortunately, there are very good tools available for assisting in self-discovery and the identification of inherent purpose. Well-known typology tests (personality tests), such as MBTI [1] (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) based on the work of renowned Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung, and The Enneagram of Personality [2] partially based on the teachings of mystic George Gurdjieff, are very useful in identifying a person’s inherent temperament and archetype which would, by definition, also reveal one’s natural purpose.

Alternatively (or in addition), one of the most advanced solutions for accurately identifying one’s born purpose is by learning about one’s born energy configuration from the sacred Mayan Cross [3], gifted to the world by the ancient Maya civilisation. This ancient system based on Maya cosmology offers a very deep and accurate method for learning about the various elements of one’s energy archetype which also naturally defines one’s true underlying purpose in life.

Just like the MBTI and the Enneagram systems, working with the Mayan Cross requires time and dedication in order to fully appreciate and understand how all its components fit together. Fortunately, a person can more or less instantaneously get an overview of their personal energy profile through the Mayan Cross online calculator [4], while the other two self-exploration tools each requires filling in an online questionnaire, with the questions being of a nature that requires a person to know themselves relatively well in the first place.

The Mayan Cross comprises a blend of the deep study of galactic energy forces, ancient Mayan cosmology and telluric (earth) energies and is specifically designed as a tool for human development. When getting an advanced report [5] [6] about one’s Mayan Cross, it will not only reveal one’s main personality archetype, with its characteristics and purpose, but also one’s personal energy balance – one’s yin and yang archetypes. In addition, it will reveal one’s past archetype (one’s energetic heritage with its purpose) and, importantly, one’s future archetype (one’s destiny in terms of one’s purpose.)

By concentrating on one’s present and future archetypes (and their combined purpose), whilst also getting to know one’s yin and yang components, a person can then move forward in balance with a deep sense of meaning and conscious purpose. A natural sense of inner confidence is the result of following this path as the individual becomes aware of a certain natural order in the universe, one where each one of us has a divine, predestined role to play as conscious co-creators along with the divine Creative Source.

When working with any of the above tools, we realise that all people are creative and that all people, therefore, have something to offer as co-creators. It does, however, become clear that there is a lot of diversity in how people are endowed with creativity. Not all archetypes would be equally good at the same activities. For example, not everyone would be equally talented in terms of, say, becoming a fine artist. Neither would all archetypes be equally good as highly competent engineers or nurses or writers, but all human talents that are gifted through our archetypes can be applied creatively and in such a way to specifically co-create consciously.

In other words, we can actively and positively direct our inherent individual creative potential to be purposeful when we do our jobs and when we practise our creative pursuits, such as the hobbies, crafts or community work that we are involved in, with the specific objective of facilitating positive evolution for the greater good – as far as that would be possible within those contexts.

One advantage of all three self-analysis tools mentioned above is that they can give us an understanding of how each archetype has a lower, less mature level and a higher, more mature level. Once a person has identified their archetype, they can then analyse their own behaviour and thoughts through honest self-observation and self-reflection. Those can be matched with the descriptions of the well- or less well- developed versions of their archetypes as defined by the MBTI, the Enneagram or the Mayan Cross. A person can then concentrate on areas that can be improved upon going forward.

Of course, the urge to become a better version of oneself must exist in order to benefit from these tools, and it goes without saying that there would be quite a lot of personal work involved which would include personal courage in facing up to one’s weaknesses. That is also where humility comes in, because it can be very hard for the ego to accept that its personality may have some flaws – but, “there can be no gain without pain …’’

People who have a natural love and passion for the world we live in – regardless of how flawed and broken it may seem to be – and for all the living things in it, are already active as natural co-creators, whether they are fully conscious of it or not. Although such persons seem to be rare nowadays (actually most people have just suppressed their capacity for compassion, or haven’t developed it fully) and although love and compassion may not seem like a natural state of being in the world right now (considering the presence of so much malevolence among people, especially in the social sphere), developing compassion remains an important key to entering into co-creation because without care for others and for the world (the planet, its inhabitants and the environment) one cannot and would not want to co-create consciously.

A wise approach to co-creation would be to develop compassion and empathy that is sensible (not driven solely by emotion) and has consistency (not limited only to one’s group). Such an approach should assist in wanting to be a constant force for positive change in order to bring much-needed light to the world during dark times (Please see: Darkness Before Dawn – Part 1). What is needed is the bringing about of the necessary energy correction that is required to re-balance the world – which is, in fact, our prime purpose here on earth as co-creators – and we need to engage with this process as consciously as possible.

As we presently transition into a new paradigm – a new metaphysical energy framework – due to the shift of the ages (Please see: Energy Shifts – Part 1), right now is a crucial time for conscious co-creators to step forward. Their role is to creatively colour in the framework of the new paradigm as it forms, so that future generations can drink the sweet nectar of that which was created with love in service and in partnership with the divine creative Source energy in the universe.

By J.J. Montagnier

(Published on May 3, 2019. Updated on April 15, 2020)

The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative licence has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.


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*’Conscious Co-Creators’. A mural by Jade Rivera, Barranco, Lima. Photo by JJM.

[* Original titles of murals by mural artist Jade Rivera are unknown].

SOUL’S PURPOSE – The Maya believe in karma and reincarnation and know that each lifetime the soul has a purpose. The energies of the Mayan Cross reveal what we have to work with in order to reach our destiny and attain the highest expression of ourselves in this life time, our soul’s purpose.



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  1. Debra

    Greetings Jacques! I very much enjoyed this and it helped me clarify the Truth of free will. I was looking for a deeper truth of it, and of course it’s nature.

    The archetypes we talked about so long ago, have finally found the understanding. Like the optical illusions human eyes see, because the mind first turns to the truth it expects in the first impression. So we are accessing a current truth of our self all the time. I see how the calendar offers a provision for this – breaking through old truth of identity by guiding us to look through a different perspective ever day. Changing our personal truth would be inevitable, through seeing things in different ways, and making conscious choices of new truth. Whatever we do consciously, seems to generate the greatest transformations of truth.

    Thanks so much for so much to think about.
    I was thinking about you on 8 Serpent/CHICCHAN – hope it was an awesome one.

    • Jean-Jacques

      Greetings, Debra! I’m glad that you found answers in this piece. I was prompted to clarify my own thoughts on the subject when an opportunity came up recently to submit my thoughts to a project that deals with the nature of Truth.

      I like how you describe the first impressions of the mind (through they eyes) as optical illusions – very well put – because the mind does not know the deeper truth or deeper reality or underlying context – or, indeed, the underlying archetype/s…

      Here’s an example: we may have certain people in our lives (as friends or family member for example) not knowing – especially in the case of friends – why they are in our lives (if we don’t know their archetype) , so we consider it purely random coincidence:

      Our lives crossed so we met and then became friends. Yet, very often our friends and family members and other people that feature prominently in our lives are (have the same) archetypes as some of the (other) archetype on our Mayan Cross. Coincidence? Well, it can’t be. There is an energetic pattern to our lives and that would include many of the people in our lives.

      Fascinating stuff – but one would only get to know this if you study the Mayan Cross and get to know the archetypes of the people around you (and sometimes we have an a-ha moment when you get to know a person’s archetype).

      Let’s say for example you have had a difficult person in your life in the past – chances are that that person energetically brought challenges to you in life for you to grow and overcome certain things – and that it was ordered by the universe…

      How would one know? Does the person’s energy (archetype) feature in your Mayan Cross? This puts a whole different perspective on things, I would say. Because if it were just random there could be no real point to the challenges that some people can cause us.

      Of course it can be difficult to accept that the universe itself would want anyone to be cruel to us (if that were ever the case), but if such a person appears on/in our Mayan Cross, well perhaps we have to consider that life is a divine, but very tough learning ground (at times).

      Of course many people will also cross our paths who do not appear on our Mayan Cross, so there may well be some randomness involved too, but even that seems unlikely from the perspective that everything in the universe is ordered – which tends to grow as we spend time with the Mayan Cross. These are just a few thoughts I have and thought I’d share in terms of breaking through to new truths.

      As you also said, every day we have the ability to look through ‘new eyes’ due to the changing energy on a daily basis (when we follow the Mayan Tzolkin calendar). So, we can also see through the ‘eyes’ – or experience the energy – our those we consider our adversaries… and friends – and we have ample time, because the energies of days come around very 13 and every 20 days and the combined energies every 260.

      It’s very interesting how the Mayans bring their children up from a young age to know and feel the energies daily – which means they very likely know the energies and therefore characteristics of the people the interact with on a daily basis (from early on in their lives.)

      There’s an interesting article here about how children are initiated into the calendar:

      Thank you for commenting Debra! I have a post coming up soon
      about what I did on 8 Chicchan 🙂

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thank you for reading, Susan – and I appreciate the feedback too. Wishing you a great rest of the day!

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