Lake Petén Itzá - El Remate, Guatemala, 2015. Photo by JJM.
Lake Petén Itzá – El Remate, Guatemala. Photo by JJM (2015)

 *For background on the Mayan Fifth World and the Fifth Element, please see: The Maya World Tree



The Fifth Element

Five years have passed since December 2012; we are five years into the Mayan Fifth World and the Fifth Element has entered the scene. We are in a new age of transparency and below-the-surface shadows are bound to be illuminated while submerged debris is likely to float to the top. Whatever is hidden may be exposed and the only way to deal with this alchemical process, is to put one’s own inner house in order.

While there are people who have already been introspecting by way of traditional or spiritual practices, serious self-observation or deeper inner reflection may be something relatively new to others. However, as time passes, not exposing one’s true self will become increasingly difficult. This may be positive news for people who already live from their authentic selves, while it could turn out to be a somewhat uncomfortable experience for those who have not yet discovered or have not developed their intrinsic individual identity – and who do not live from their higher selves. 

Typically, individuals and groups who avoid facing their inner shadow-sides, tend to project them onto others. The objective of doing that is to divert attention away from their lower selves and what they are up to. This is a well-know psychological phenomenon. However, in an age of added transparency such projections would be much more obvious. As one finger points at others, three fingers point back. This causes emperors to wear no clothes by exposing themselves, while insisting on remaining oblivious of the fact. 

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This is the first part of a ‘miniseries’ – an article published in parts.

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  1. Michelle Yd Frost

    Hi Jacques, How are you?

    I love your new 5th element article and want to send you an invite. A friend of mine (Levanah) has a website and I’ve started a blog to run with the website. Levanah wants men and women writers on topics such as.. well.. exactly your 5th element article. I’ve put the blog link in your contact section. She called it Purple Flames after the violet flames of ascension thing (short version)

    If you’re interested – let me know. She’s been struggling to find decent male writers on these topics. We need you 😀

    • Jean-Jacques

      Hi Michelle, I’m well thank you – and thanks for the offer. For the moment I’m just writing for my own sites/blogs (I am already busy with various projects), but your friend is very welcome to link to Gypsy Cafe.

  2. Josh Gross | The Jaguar

    Hello Jacques! It’s wonderful to be reading your post again.

    It does seem as if we’ve entered an age of transparency. However, at the moment it doesn’t seem to be going so well. I know that the only way to deal with one’s demons is to confront them, but I fear for the people who may be harmed in the ensuing struggle.

    Also, I hate to talk about my own blog on other people’s sites, but I’m preparing for some research that might be of interest to you. Here’s a link to the post in which I introduce it, in case you want to read it:

    • Jean-Jacques

      Hi Josh, it’s great to hear from you! Thank you for your thoughtful reply – yes, it is indeed difficult to do inner-work. It is one of the most difficult things to do for any human – that is: confronting one’s own demons. I think the new energies that are coming in will assist us in this process and make it easier, all we have to do is set the intention and then start the work – and the path will open. Everyone will deal with this in their own way and I think it would usually happen with the least harm to others, as it’s (mainly) meant to be an internal process. Wishing you strength and divine support with it.

      I had a look at your post and this looks like a very exciting project, Josh. Would love to read about it – I will see if I can contribute a few dollars in a week or so. Thanks for your visit and for catching up!

  3. Sean Caulfield

    Thanks Jean-Jacques, very true words of wisdom to help us, bring confirmation that the energy is taking us higher and higher, to have to be more and more of the LIGHT… be blessed, Sean

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thank you Sean, for passing by and commenting – and thank you for your recent newsletters – much appreciated.

  4. paulo

    Hi Jacques,
    I like it. Self-observation and true words. I appreciated it.
    Thank you

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