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The Fifth World

2012 Revisited

Prior to December 2012, scores of Mayan calendar enthusiasts, authors and scholars had put forward a plethora of predictions, forecasts and interpretations about what would or could happen around certain dates in 2012. The dates, when they finally arrived, were accentuated by the fact that nothing of note happened. There were no signs that a long awaited and highly anticipated new Golden Age was about to commence, as had been fervently predicted. Neither did major earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes or floods occur worldwide (all at once!)

In reality, transition stages between 5125 year world ages are by some Maya estimates meant to take approximately 120 years [1a]. Other Maya based calculations put it closer to 200 years [1b]. Changes happening during such long transition periods are therefore very unlikely to become apparent “on day one”. However, such were the expectations in December 2012 that something was going to happen, that there were people who took the day or week off from work, while others headed to the countryside “just in case” [2]. The majority of people, however, took a sober view and brushed it all off as superstition.

In retrospect, a lot of people may be wondering why so many people responded so “irrationally” in 2012. From a depth-psychology point of view, the 2012 “mass psychological event” was much more than just mere superstition. It was a reflection of the power of “the archetype of the end”. This archetype was identified by well known Swiss psychoanalyst, C.G. Jung back in the 1950’s. [3]

There must have been something that had made a major impression upon the human psyche (repetitively) for this archetype to be so deeply embedded in the collective subconscious (aka collective unconscious) and to make such a strong mass appearance every now and again. From a Jungian perspective all archetypes have purpose and in this case the archetype was a message from the collective subconscious of humanity that major change was upon us (with an unknown time line.)

The Fifth World

According to Mayan Daykeeper and spiritual guide, Carlos Barrios [4], there is an expectation that the Fifth World would (eventually) bring a time of harmony, while there is also a clear expectation that great turmoil and upheaval could be expected during the transition to it. This has always been the case during all transition phases and is reflected not only in Mayan mythology and history, but also in the history of the world. This is confirmed by author and scholar Kenneth Johnson, in his book, The Mayan Prophecies [5]. During his research he could not find any evidence of the previous world transitions having gone without upheaval.  

Let us consider what is actually happening right now. Just about five years ago (in 2012) extreme political and cultural polarization hardly featured in Western nations. At the moment they threaten to tear some of them apart. According to Carlos Barrios, Mayan elders believe that at the start of each new world age, the energetic polarities between Yin and Yang (left or right;  dark and light; right or wrong and so forth) become highly accentuated, which could explain why the energies are presently so conducive to a high degree of polarity.

During transition stages a reconfiguration of energies takes place which can cause significant turmoil. This stems from there usually being major resistance to some of the changes caused by the new directional energetic flow. These energetic shifts have an impact on human consciousness and behaviour, but people are not usually conscious of what is happening, which can cause people to act “out of character”; or put differently, it can cause people to act from their lower-self instead of their higher-Self.

The big picture is that in the long run we are heading towards the centre – towards balance and towards harmony – and we are already on our way there (energetically speaking), but we are still in the very early stages of this shift. Many people are not yet aligned to the new overall energetic direction. In fact, currently the majority of people are probably out of line with it, especially and perhaps particularly where the polarizing forces of aggressive identity politics and extreme political correctness are at play.

Neither of the above mindsets are conducive to tolerance or harmony, in spite of what they presumably stand for. This can be clearly observed in world affairs today. However, holding on to the old (world), while resisting the new (world), is simply prolonging and exacerbating the intermediate turmoil which is a recurring feature of world-age transitions.

As responsible co-creators of the Fifth World, each one of us should reflect upon the position we find ourselves on the polarity scale, in terms of our attitudes and actions, and consider how far we have moved away from or closer to harmony, balance and our personal centre. This will assist us in knowing whether we are in, or out of tune with the energetic vibration of the Fifth World.

Due to polarity, everything ultimately strives for natural balance and equilibrium, and in the end will attempt to self-correct. In complex systems this process is known as homeostasis [6]. For example, when a pendulum swings too far in one direction an initial over-correction may occur when it returns. In this context a rebalancing of energies is probably way overdue, considering the current state of the world. A lot of instability is therefore almost inevitable  and can be expected to feature during the next few decades. (This will be illustrated further in future articles.) 

One way that individuals can purposefully centre themselves sufficiently in order to avoid being excessively sucked into the drama and turmoil, is to find their own individual personal centre. This deep individual core that resides in each and everyone is also known as the higher-self or the Self in Jungian terms. Each person who returns to their core is contributing towards harmony and is acting as a catalyst of transformation for those around them. This is because the higher self naturally tends towards contributing towards stability, which motivates others to do the same. Individuals who have found their inner core therefore act as a stabilising force, simply by being who they naturally are during unstable times.

To be continued… 

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  1. a.) Information provided verbally by a guide at Tikal archaeological site in Guatemala, during a visit in 2015. This estimate probably refers to the combined transition and gestation periods from one great cycle to the next. b) This would refer to the combined transition, gestation and maturation stages from one great cycle to the next – for more information please see later articles where these time periods are explored in detail.
  2. Due to the 2012 phenomenon colleagues of the author took time off from work and the author read about people who went on retreats ranging from one to three weeks.
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