Humanity at the Crossroads (Part 1) – A World Out of Balance


These essays are written for individuals who have a spiritual interest in Navigating the Greatest Shift. They contain futurology based on cycle science and the mystical sciences. Readers are encouraged to read with critical minds and come to their own conclusions.



This chapter is written for the prospective remnant and for those who would be the guides of the remnant. This series follows on from the two before; Navigating the Greatest Shift and Darkness Before Dawn, which have laid the groundwork for this further discussion.

The content in this series will continue to traverse some of the boundaries that exist between esoteric concepts, energy cycles, metaphysics, spirituality and the Christian religion, while also integrating subjects found in anthropology, mythology and psychology. Fossil fuel and environmental issues will be analyzed too.

Wise Warnings

The energies are coming to this moment; 2012 to 2026. This is the real moment that humanity can give a real step to grow, or a step to destroy humanity. We think that the way we are going in this moment, more than 80% of humanity is going to disappear, because they don’t have purpose. We are not using our energy to produce the best of us. And what is it? It is consciousness. We need to develop our internal powers – Carlos Barrios (Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies [1])

Today, the interest that people have in human consciousness and spiritual development is less obvious than it was 10 years ago when the dawning of a new spiritual age was eagerly anticipated. Since 2012, the exponential proliferation of personal electronic devices has led to a multitude of digital distractions resulting in a decline in the amount of time that people would normally have for deep contemplation and inner exploration.

Fewer people have, therefore, been focusing on developing their internal powers and on raising their spiritual consciousness, as Carlos Barrios and other spiritual guides had recommended. Thus, wise advice was generally not heeded, but it’s our internal powers that we need the most for successfully – and safely – navigating The Greatest Shift.

A developed sense of right versus wrong, remembering to honour the sacred, maintaining an active spiritual life and a welldeveloped intuition, could have reduced the depths of darkness that the world has already sunken into. Fortunately, it’s never too late to raise one’s spiritual consciousness and thereby contribute toward limiting humanity’s further descent into the proverbial underworld.

A World Out of Balance

Mesoamerican cosmology postulates a cyclic view of history in which we, as human beings, emerge into ever more illuminated realms of consciousness. Each cycle grows and develops until its very gifts become difficulties. The world falls out of balance and the gods bring it to an end. Somehow, humanity survives the changing of the cycles and takes a quantum leap forward into the next world or cycle of emergence – Kenneth Johnston (The Mayan Prophecies [2])

The gods that are referred to in ancient mythologies are the archetypes that appear or emerge out of the cycles at different stages. Particular archetypes would appear during the transition phase from the old world to the new world when there’s a passage through the mythological underworld, as depicted in the journey of the Hero Twins in the Creation Story of the Maya.

From a Christian perspective, these types of gods are usually viewed as inanimate pagan gods (belief systems and religions would differ, so that’s to be expected) but for the ancients, these gods were the invisible metaphysical archetypes that resided within the cycles.

These energy archetypes would affect human thinking and behaviour and would cause certain situations and challenges to arise cyclically (for examples see also; Maya Katun Prophecy is Unfolding in Real-Time). Carl Gustav Jung, who had also recognised such metaphysical influences that affect and change human consciousness, called them the principles and the symbols of the age [3].

In-Between Storylines

The Mayas have an understanding of time that’s different to ours. For them, history unfolds rather than it being created (completely) anew, so in a sense, history has already happened, but it’s now playing out in real-time.

For example, each 20-year katun-age has a particular energy configuration which is a kind of metaphysical framework. That framework forms the rough outlines of how the history – i.e the story – of a particular age (a segment of a cycle) would unfold because it would unfold similarly every time the cycle comes around again [4]. In that sense, it’s possible to see that there’s a form of predestination at work in the cycles.

The people who are present during each age would play out their parts (their roles) within the general story outline of that age. Each person would do so according to their born archetype, which is their Day Sign in the Sacred Calendar of the Maya (the Tzolkin). Their Day Sign is, in a sense, also predetermined because there is destiny built into the sacred calendar too. The Maya people knew their personal archetypes and Maya elders knew the archetypes that would influence the 20-year age that they found themselves in.

Importantly, but for the moment as an aside; humans have access to free will so that means there’s a lot of room for movement in terms of personal development and autonomous self-direction within the confines of the metaphysical story outlines of the ages; as well as within the outlines of people’s born archetypes (see also, The Keys to Conscious Co-Creation).

When a 20-year age switches over to a new one during its transition – which takes around 2 to 3 years to complete – a shift would take place in the spirit of the age and the subsequent result would be a new cultural and social zeitgeist (real-world examples are presented in the article Exploring Paradigm Shift Time Frames).

While people are in the in-between phase between the two ages during the 2 to 3 year transition period, they would not have lost complete interest in what the old age had to offer culturally and socially, but they would also not have fully embraced yet what the new age will be able to offer them culturally or socially either (because the new age would not have fully arrived yet).

As with shifts between the short ages, such a process would also apply to transitions between very long ages, but even more so, because such a shift would take much longer to complete. As mentioned in the previous two chapters (see; Navigating the Greatest Shift), in anthropology the transitional time period between life stages, as well as axial ages [5], is known as liminality. This series will delve into this theme extensively.

To elaborate further (creatively), the following could be said. Naturally, every age has a beginning and an ending. From the perspective that each cycle has its own framework (outline) for a storyline, it would mean that there would be ‘opening scenes’ during the ‘opening act’ of a cycle and ’closing scenes’ during the ‘closing act’ of a cycle. In the very long cycles, the opening and closing acts of a cycle would stretch over a number of years or a few decades.

As mentioned in the previous two chapters, the world is currently transitioning between the (5,125-year) Fourth World and the (5,125-year) Fifth World in the (25,625-year) Maya Five Worlds Cycle which will take about 40 years from 2012 to 2052. The centre point of that shift will be in 2032.

We are also in the final scenes – in the final 10 years – of the closing of the 26,000 years Precession of the Equinoxes Cycle that will ‘reset’ between more or less the years 2027 and 2032 (as detailed in Preparing for the Hero’s Journey, The Big Picture View and The Lights Along the Way). This recap is important because it sets the scene for the rest of this chapter, and the ones to follow.

The Liminal Zone

The nature of a liminal period is that it would overlap with the ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. That would mean that neither the rules of the old framework, nor the rules of the new framework would fully apply, and everybody would, therefore, find themselves in a kind of no-man’s-land during that time.

Bearing in mind the analogy of each age having its own rough outlines of a storyline that would differ from age to age (due to different energy influences and archetypes at work), liminal periods have a story outline too, but it would always be similar. The storyline of all liminal periods is the classic and very well-known story of The Hero’s Journey (popularized especially by Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces [6]).

In a previous chapter, Preparing for the Hero’s Journey, this writer summed the essence of The Hero’s Journey up as follows; The most fundamental theme in the underlying structure of The Hero’s Journey – in all stories – is that the hero is compelled to face the darkness, often against their will; but only by doing so can they bring about positive change within themselves and within the world at large.

Although liminality cannot be entirely avoided – because all cycles must have transitions from one to another – knowing the story of The Hero’s Journey is a very good starting point for knowing what might be encountered further during the liminality that the world currently has to navigate through.

Liminal periods are typified by having a mostly upside-down structure of reality (on this point see for example the works of anthropologists Arnold van Gennep [7] and Victor Turner [8]). Simply put, during liminality many things become inverted and they function in a manner that’s contrary to their normal structures and behaviours.

Liminality is always a temporary phenomenon, but it can be very challenging because a regular feature of it is that dark archetypes tend to appear during liminal periods. They would attempt to misdirect the overall transition for their own gain. In addition, they would often attempt to extend or prolong – sometimes quite successfully so – a liminal period, which could then result in long-term or even ‘permanent’ liminality (on this point see, for example, the works of anthropologists Arpad Szakolzai [9] and Bjorn Thomassen [10]). This is one of the most fundamental challenges during The Greatest Shift.

It is here, where the relevance of authentic versus false narratives, comes in. False narratives are often introduced during liminality to facilitate, maintain, strengthen and prolong it, which is why separating the false narratives from the true ones is so important on the part of the prospective remnant during liminality (and fortunately, many independent people have been doing exactly that since 2020).

The authentic New World (that is yet to form) can ultimately, only be built on the foundations of an authentic story outline according to the metaphysical outlines and structures of the ancient and sacred energy cycles, and that’s an organic process that will automatically develop over time.

Becoming aware of the metaphysical side of the Greatest Shift – as well as authentic stories found in ancient mythologies – can have great value in making sense of our times and in gaining a deeper understanding of the journey ahead. Later in this series (in a future chapter), specific guidance will be sought from a most quintessential example of The Hero’s Journey which is to be found in the story of The Hero Twins in the Creation Story of the Maya.

The Reality of Liminality

In March of 2020, the world left normality behind and crossed over the threshold into liminality on a global scale, and it has been in palpable liminality ever since. During that year, people were regularly told – and frequently reminded – that they had entered into a ‘new normal’ and that the old normal would never return, which (to date, in the middle of 2022) it hasn’t in most places. Since 2020, the general structure of reality in the world has taken on the typical outlines of liminality, which is a well recognizable structure (see resources previously mentioned).

It is, therefore, up to the prospective remnant who find themselves in liminality, to recognize it for what it is. The more people there are out there who are aware that they are in liminality, the better the chances are of the world leaving liminality sooner rather than later. In the interim, islands of non-liminality can form that are right-side-up as opposed to inverted (see also, Creating Structure Through Consciousness).

The Value of Free Will

All cycles eventually end. Within the context of the Maya calendars, they are on timelines that cannot be altered, so whether the ending of a cycle – as determined by the ancient metaphysical frameworks – can somehow be avoided is very doubtful. The ancients did not believe that to be possible.

Nevertheless, the fact that humans are endowed with free will means that human participation within the ending of a cycle – as well as during the transitional period between the cycles – can be either positive or negative, with regards to how they play their roles during The Hero’s Journey.

Most people are in a position to make personal decisions to act positively rather than negatively during these turbulent times. Free will is, therefore, a very important element that should not be undervalued or disregarded. Rather, it should be preserved and strengthened at all costs during liminality, because free will is an essential key for self-directed human agency and autonomous decision making during challenging times.

Humans would only lose their free will completely when they give it up willingly; when they become sufficiently distracted to not bother with it; if someone manages to convince them that they don’t have free will; or, if they have never developed it in the first place. In such instances, they would be at the behest of unconscious forces such as self-destructive crowd behaviours and trickster manipulations.

Bringing Balance

People who do have sufficient free will can do their best to bring light into the darkness of liminality in order to bring balance and equilibrium to the growing instability in the world. Defusing conflict as it develops, reducing animosity as it grows, acting calmly, and setting an example of stability to peers, are all actions that would contribute positively during the liminal phase of The Greatest Shift. By avoiding dangerous and destructive behaviours and attitudes, and by discouraging them in others, the severity of the end-of-cycle destruction might be mitigated.

It is, however, also true that much of what unfolds in the final years and days of a large cycle (during its closing act) – and during the overlapping liminal period – might be outside the control of human actors. When a cycle winds down completely, it is sometimes brought to an end forcefully by metaphysical forces in the universe, as we know from consulting Maya mythology. It would, therefore, be wise for the prospective remnant to prioritize their self-preservation should things start to spiral completely out of control because without self-preservation, there might not be a remnant.

Visions of the End

The existence of a storyline – regarding the past, the present, and the future – within the context of the larger cycles, is exemplified by the fact that gifted visionaries and chosen prophets have been given glimpses of the future. Some of those glimpses and insights appeared to depict the final days of our age.

Hopi and Maya elders have had visions of apocalyptic future events that would unfold on earth one day. Carl Jung (while on his death bed) had a vision of great devastation that would occur more or less fifty years into the future. There are many prophets who have had similar visions. The Christian Bible depicts an endtimes scenario during the time of tribulation in the Book of Revelations.

The extent to which some – or all – of these prophecies might, or might not, unfold is uncertain but since 2020, signs of some of them have started to appear. Since we already know what many of the prophecies say and what they warn us about (more on that later), we already know more or less what the future might hold – and what could unfold further.

Prophecies act as warnings, and prophets act as warning systems. Not all prophecies come true, but some do. Carlos Barrios, in his book The Book of Destiny [11], made it clear that humanity has the ability to steer itself away from calamity – if it raises its consciousness.

Understanding Our Times

Going forward, it would make sense to concentrate on better understanding the times that we are in. That way we can make better sense of them and then navigate them competently. By such a process, we may be able to guide ourselves and others better. Part of that process would be to understand ourselves sufficiently by becoming more consciously self-aware of our inner selves because the biggest crisis that humanity is facing at its crossroads, is ultimately a spiritual crisis.

That spiritual crisis is the reason why humanity is currently in the process of potentially bringing calamity upon itself (this will be illustrated in the following chapters). It is, therefore, our own thought processes, and our behaviours, that we need to be cognizant of, so that we can avoid falling into – and languishing in – self-destruction and nihilism.

Human Trajectories

According to the mythology of the Maya Five Worlds Cycle, humanity usually ends up being destroyed at the end of a Great Cycle, either by natural disasters, or (notably) by humanity itself. Either way, only a remnant usually makes it through to the other side, and that’s a constant feature that’s recorded in the ancient Maya Creation Myth. Although such a trajectory seemed rather implausible not too long ago, it might now seem more plausible with so much having happened in just the last two years since 2020.

Turbulence Ahead

Few people would deny that the world has fallen out of balance since 2020. The arrival of the COVID crisis in March of 2020, and the Russo-Ukrainian War that started at the end of February 2022, have both severely disrupted the world – and they continue to do so.

Although the rise of general instability had already started soon after 2012, the year 2020 saw a major shift towards elevated levels of turbulence and volatility. That was not entirely unexpected though, from an energy perspective, because between the years 2020 and 2026, we are energetically in peak polarity (as explained in The Rise and Fall of Polarisation and Maya Katun Prophecy is Unfolding in Real-Time).

Sobering Thoughts

The reality is that much of the long-term decay and the growing levels of destruction in the world that have been building up during the last 10 years, have been contributed to by the citizens of the world themselves. To a large extent, that’s happened due to digital distractions, which is why people are generally not very consciously aware of their personal participation in the decline of their own civilization.

When humans become self-destructive and forget to honour that which is sacred in the world at the end of a very large cycle, they might even end up destroying themselves with their own advanced technologies. Interestingly, such a scenario is depicted in the Mayan Creation Story [12] at the end of the Maya Third World. Presently, we are 10 years past the end of the Maya Fourth World. The possibility of that happening again can, therefore, not be ruled out entirely – which should be food for thought.

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By J.J. Montagnier

J.J. Montagnier is an independent researcher and writer. He has been studying and writing about Maya calendar-related subjects since 2014. He travelled to Central America in 2015 to familiarise himself better with Maya culture and history. Note: The views and opinions are those of the writer. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.

© Copyright. All Rights Reserved. Gypsy Café.


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  1. Martina Ramsauer

    Many thanks, Jean Jacques, for your very interesting report and I very much hope that we the people use our free will to, for example, to calm down dangerous situations, to speak to each other and help to find solutions for our problems instead of eliminating each other!
    All the best Martina

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thank you for reading Martina and for your message. Perhaps (hopefully) many of us will soon return to the ‘old-school’ ways of dealing with each other, according to the Golden Rule: treating others in the same way that we would like to be treated by them!
      Best wishes,

      • Martina Ramsauer

        Jean-Jacques, I just wanted to say that I very much agree with the “rule” you mentioned! Unfortunately your answer didn’t arrive on my blog nor on my email!! I only discovered it by coming back to your post!
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          Thanks for letting me know, Martina! Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch and next time the right alerts will go through. Thanks for checking back and wishing you a great day!

  2. Brigido Anaya

    Nice post Jean-Jacques I enjoyed the videos of the elders, we all need to work on gaining consciousness through awareness, from who we are? What is our purpose of living? How to be better? And finally how can we serve the World and Humanity by giving ourselves to help build a better World, on every realm, and at every level, each one of us can add a little grain to make living, and this planet a better place just with our own actions.
    And to follow the path of wisdom giving to us by our ancient cultures through History.
    Some years ago I did a series of lectures for a few people, and someone put them up on videos, in you tube, I am not the person who uploaded them, neither had a control of their technical quality, somewhat poor, like some people complain the sound it’s too low, and they are giving on the Spanish language with no translation.
    And I address different subjects.
    Typing my name on YouTube and will find the rest maybe there is a dozen, or so. Here its a sample:

    • Jean-Jacques

      Thank you very much for your feedback Mr Anaya. I agree with you about the elders.I try to always be guided and inspired by them to keep my writings in line with the ancient wisdoms that’s carried and passed on by them. Some of the elders that I have been drawing on for wisdom have passed away in the last 2 or 3 years and makes one reflect on how short life is – and the opportunities to contribute to evolution where possible, so I try to transfer some of the elders’ knowledge in my writings.
      Here is the channel with more interviews with elders:

      Very greateful that you also shared your video example of your lecture series. My Spanish is not very good, but perhaps some of the readers who are Spanish capable could benefit.
      Blessings to you and wishing you a great day!

  3. Debra

    The darkness is an awesome reflection to claim the power of the divine choices we make. We’re called to a higher meaning and purpose. By the law of polarity, there are extremes balanced on both ends of the scale. The darkness could be viewed as the sign of greater inner strength – hearts prepared to know the truth, and be moved by it. Time will tell. Blessing to you and the work you share. love, in lak’ech, Debra

    • Jean-Jacques

      Hi Debra, thank you for your reflection.

      The darkness reflects exactly where we need to improve (n the world and in ourselves, communities, society, etc), so it’s an awsome time to work on that. We have to look at what’s wrong with the old world so that we can avoid the same in the new world. What would be our roles in the New World if we make it through the transition?

      There’s positivity in darkness in the sense that when it gets very dark it’s impossible to ignore it, except when/if we are wilfully blind. It’s not always easy though, (so courage is required – this is where the Hero’s Journey comes in) because we are compelled to look at our own darkness, i.e. our own destructiveness and/or our contributions towards it (or our apathy in relation to it).

      I agree that so long as we are prepared to face ourselves (especially our inner-selves) then darkness could reveal great inner strength through our courage of doing that. Carl Jung is a good author to read right now as his work deals comprehensively with these themes.

      However, transitions in the context of liminality are also times of Great Creativity when Great Ideas emerge that will infuse the New World as it forms. So, in that sense it’s a very postive time, but we need to orient ourselves in thinking in that direction. I will elaborate on all this in the next chapters (in detail).

      Time will work everything out – we are on ancient time-lines and The Universe is in charge.

      Blessings to you,

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