Diana Graham’s art at The Ecoshrine in Hogsback, South Africa (Archive photo: JJM)

Part 1 – An Incubator for the Soul

In this 5-Part series we are exploring the purpose of polarity and the nature of truth – JJM


Throughout the ages there have been times of turmoil and times of peace. In recent years the world has been going through a period of high polarity, with palpable societal polarisation as a result. Considering all the crises the planet is facing, a unified approach to dealing with them globally is likely to remain elusive as long as societal polarisation remains a feature. This situation, with no clear end in sight, raises many important questions.

Why have some societies become so polarized? Should we not have moved into global harmony after 2012? Does polarisation have any purpose? Why is the polarisation so extreme? How long will it last? How well are we handling it? Are humans capable of living in harmony at all? How can we deal with major world problems during all this polarization?

Fortunately some of the above questions can already be answered, but some answers are more accessible when taking a metaphysical view. Keeping an open mind is therefore recommended as we delve into these rather complex issues. During our discussion it will become evident that some answers automatically raise further questions. In our search for answers we will be exploring them too.

Note: The following two sections include summarised information previously covered in the Energy Shifts series Parts 1 – 3, with some additional points. Readers already familiar with these themes can continue from: Q: Does polarisation have purpose?

Q: Why have societies become so polarized?

Polarisation comes from polarity. The high polarity that we have been experiencing since around 2014 comes from a shift in metaphysical energy that occurred after 2012 (it took a couple of years to become active.) The effect of that shift was a change from relative stability and harmony during the twenty years preceding 2012, to a lot of polarisation, contrary to expectations of more harmony after 2012, as predicted by many Mayan Calendar scholars and their followers. So, how did so many people get it so wrong? 

In short, most forecasts about what would happen after 2012 concentrated on the 5125 year Maya Long Count calendar used by the Classic Maya that went out of use during 800AD. The Long Count calendar continued to remain relevant after 800AD, but forecasters should have paid equal attention to the 256 year Maya Short Count calendar comprised of thirteen consecutive 19.7 year short ages known as Katuns, used by the post-Classic Yucatec Maya. The Short Count calendar is a fractal of the Long Count calendar – it fits into the Long Count twenty times.

It was simply assumed in many quarters that there would be a sudden transition from one 5125 year Great Cycle to the next Great Cycle – from the Mayan Fourth World to the Mayan *Fifth World (*also know as the Sixth Sun in some Mayan communities.) However, the full transition is likely to take more than 200 years (for details please see: Energy Shifts – Part 2). This means that there will be a long overlap phase between the two Great Cycles, which is how transitions between large cycles *work. It was this important factor that many presenters of the Mayan calendars missed. (*The Hindu Vedic Great Year also has 200 year transitions between some large cycles known as ‘sandhis‘ with some of them taking up to 300 or 400 years to complete.)

In contrast, the Mayan Short Count Calendar’s Katun shifts happen every 19.7 years and last between 2 to 4 years (as detailed in Energy Shifts – Part 3). Considering the time frame of a human life, societal shifts caused by the Katun shifts would therefore be quite clearly observable compared to the overall Great Cycle shift. Instead of abandoning the Mayan Calendars alltogether (as many people did), because ‘nothing happened’ at the end of 2012, shifting attention to the Katun shifts makes much more sense. 

It is also worth keeping in mind that although the Great Cycle shift will take a long time to complete, some of the changes and new trends related to it can indeed already be observed (Please see: ‘The Fifth Sky – Tuning In’.) A future chapter titled ‘The Great Return’ we will delve deeper into these trends.  

The Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle

In the years running up to 2012 there was a strong reliance by Mayan Calendar enthusiasts upon a prophecy well-known among all indigenous peoples in the Americas. It speaks of the unification of the Condor and the Eagle – symbolizing a unification of the heart and the mind – which would result in more harmony among peoples. However, this prophecy – like most prophecies – does not have a specific date or time-line attached to it, so knowing exactly when this shift in consciousness will occur is not possible. Most likely, just like with larger cyclical shifts, once this phenomenon is active it will manifest over a longer period of time than anticipated, accompanied by many ups and downs. Once such a shift has occurred things may improve gradually, but conflict is very unlikely to disappear entirely due to the nature of duality which is an integral aspect of the paradigm that we are in.

That said, the Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle does indeed seem to resemble a ‘subsubyuga’ shift in the Vedic Great Year that is meant to occur in the years after 2020. (More details further down under: ‘Q: Why is the polarisation so extreme?)

The idea of an instant elevation of consciousness followed by a quick renewal of the world was certainly an appealing one during all the hype before 2012, and the relative obscurity and apocalyptic nature of the Short Count calendar’s prophecies probably contributed to them being mostly ignored, but it was in fact the Short Count’s Katun energies and prophecies that pointed to the high polarity that we would experience during the first two decades after 2012, which is the main focus of this series. 

Q: What does the prophecy say?

The prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau (2012 – 2032) can be found in several ancient Mayan manuscripts known as The Books of Chilam Balam which are the Mayan Codices that survived the Spanish conquest of the Mayan Lands in the 14th and 15th centuries during which time the destruction of Mayan literature was ordered. 

In Kenneth Johnson’s book, ‘The Maya Prophecies – The Renewal of the World 2012-2072’ he explains that most scholars apply mainly two interpretations to the prophecy for Katun 2 Ahau. Half of the Katun would be prosperous and the other half difficult, or that there would be social disparities between the rich and the poor, which would cause a lot of social tension during the Katun. 

Q: Should we not have moved into more harmony after 2012?

A very basic way of understanding the Maya Short Count calendar (although there’s much more to it) would be that it assigns a specific symbol (a number), called a ‘Tone’ to each of the thirteen Katuns and this number symbolizes each Katun’s energy. Katun 2 Ahau (2012 – 2032) has Tone 2 assigned to it, which features duality and polarity (among other energies.)

The preceding Katun, Katun 4 Ahau (1993 – 2012) had Tone 4 assigned to it, which in the Mayan calendars represent stability and order – to the extent that it appears to be one of the most stable energies in the Mayan calendars.

An immediate observation would be that the metaphysical energy configurations in the Short Count match how things have played out – we went from relative stability and order before 2012 to palpable disorder and polarity after 2012, but it took about two to three years for the shift to become evident (details in Energy Shifts – Part 3).

Most people old enough to compare the two Katuns would agree that their societies are much more polarised post-2012 than pre-2012. In fact, many people claim that things have never before been this polarised inside their countries outside of wartime.

Considering the fact that we now have clear observable evidence of the impact of the energy shift that occurred after 2012 means that there’s a very good case for paying more attention to the Katuns cycle (the Short Count) now and in future. We know now that Katun related energy configurations and prophecies have a significant degree of accuracy.

Q: Does polarisation have purpose?

First of all it is necessary to consider the concept of polarity which is similar to the concept of duality. It is important to know that the universe contains both polarity (duality) and non-polarity (non-duality) at the same time.

Non-duality (in the form of harmony and stability) is usually the ideal that would be aimed for. Duality has the purpose of acting as a catalyst for aspiring to and for striving towards non-duality. Polarisation, as a form of strong or extreme duality, has purpose in that it can act as a powerful evolutionary mechanism.

Unity, balance, order and harmony are all results of aspiring and working towards non-duality. The less balanced things are the harder we have to work towards balance. Polarisation can result in a powerful reordering or reshuffling of things which otherwise could or would not have come about (more on this later.)

The Inca civilisation in Peru, for example, honoured both non-duality and duality as having (sacred) value, because in a dualistic paradigm everything always has an opposite. The ancients knew that sometimes stability and order were dominant and other times instability and disorder were dominant.

The Mayans, for example, understood that the dominant energy in each age ‘ruled’ in the sense that it strongly influenced people’s behaviour and events to the extent that each age took on specific characteristics. They also observed that these ages returned time and again after having been absent for specific time periods and these cycles they recorded in their calendars.

The Yin and Yang Balance of Forces

There are always counterbalancing energies at play in every age, notwithstanding the dominant energy of the age. In times of polarisation oases of calm can always be found and during stable and orderly times hot-spots of conflict can always be found too. This phenomenon is symbolised in the Eastern Yin and Yang sign with its smaller dark and light spots being present inside the larger dominant opposites.

Even during prolonged times of peace – as has been the case in North America, Western Europe and parts of Asia – there have always been an almost constant dichotomy (an oscillation) between duality and non-duality. This manifests in many spheres of life as a societal tension between the opposites. Some examples are the tension between the the individual and the collective, between integration and separation, and between the political left and the political right.

It is, perhaps ironically, exactly the tension-causing polarities that enable the potential for balance, because balance cannot exist without the tension of opposites. It is finding the right balance first and then maintaining it which is the ongoing challenge. If there were no polarity one could not aim for stability. If there were no duality one could not aim towards unity.

Once unity or stability has been achieved it never seems to last for very long. It is this phenomenon that is often experienced as one of the most frustrating factors of life which has no obvious purpose or explanation. (For a case study, please see: Unity in Diversity vs. Disunity in Ideologies)

An Incubator for the Soul

The earth was created to bring souls to their divine destiny; it is carrying a heavy burden. – Paramahansa Yogananda

The purpose of shifting energy can be further understood by considering a spiritual perspective held by some of the most ancient civilisations regarding the real purpose of this planet that we live on.

It is believed that we humans are here on earth to evolve and to grow – mentally and spiritually so. Said differently, we are here for personal development. The earth is a learning-ground. It is a training platform. On a higher level it could be described as an incubator for the soul. Which platform and level we transition to after this one may very well depend on – or be influenced by – the level of development that we achieve here on this earthly plane, which is why fulfilling our individual purpose and destiny here is so important.

The shifting energies throw up continuous challenges. Having to continuously re-balance and readjust to circumstances motivates and prompts personal development by having no choice but to work through the challenges in order to once again arrive at a balanced state.

If everything remained static there would hardly be any development. As a rule people do not voluntarily place themselves in difficult circumstances to purposefully prompt personal growth. Although they may do so a few times in their lives, the overall general objective of the majority of people is to be comfortable and to be happy, which usually means that they aim to create for themselves as much practical and material comforts and conveniences as possible.

Growth Stimulation

Being in stasis permanently would however eventually result in regression and degeneration for individuals, cultures, societies and nations. It can indeed be observed that over time spiritual development tends to stagnate in developed nations. A strong emphasis on materialism combined with a loss of deeper values tends to eventually set in. In spite of all the modern progress and advancing technologies in the world, if humans are not also evolving themselves spiritually at the same time then they are not evolving at all.

Spiritual stasis causes meaninglessness and meaninglessness can lead to nihilism. Being challenged by changing (and difficult) circumstances can lead to the discovery of one’s life purpose. Living one’s life purposefully usually leads to living life more responsibly. Living life purposefully and responsibly can lead to meaning and fulfilment, which is the closest that one can get to experiencing genuine happiness and contentment. Two of the most renowned Western psychologists, Carl Gustav Jung and Victor Frankl, considered the above tenet to be one of the most important observations about the human condition.

If civilisations and nations did not rise and fall there would be no growth opportunities for subsequent generations. History has shown that as a rule generations tend to not learn very well from those that came before them. When similar circumstances come around due to the recurring nature of cycles and ages, the same mistakes are often made again. Every generation has to go through their own learning processes, which are often the very same learning processes that prior generations had to go through. If energy did not keep on shifting, our planet would cease to function as a learning platform for human souls.

The fact that energy cycles always return means that history very often repeats and that humans are given the opportunity many times over to learn how to resolve problems and to grow. Wise people, cultures and nations would indeed consult history and would try to not repeat the same mistakes again. They would attempt to do things differently the next time around, hopefully with better results – and those who manage to improve on past efforts are indeed the ones who evolve.

Note: The following section include some information previously covered in the Energy Shifts series, Parts 1 – 3, with some additional points. Readers already familiar with these themes can continue from: ‘According to the Vedic Great Year.’

Q: Why is the polarisation so extreme?

According to the Maya Calendars:

According to Mayan spiritual guide, Carlos Barrios, Mayan elders believe that during the beginning of each new 5125 year Great Cycle, the energetic polarities between yin and yang (left or right; dark and light; right or wrong) become highly accentuated, which would explain why the present political atmosphere is conducive to such a high degree of polarity. 

The last two Katuns (Katuns 2 and 13 Ahau, 2012 – 2052) in the current 256 year Mayan Short Count cycle overlaps with the first forty years of the new Mayan Great Cycle. The energies of the aforementioned Katuns contain high polarity and a lot of volitility. This would indicate that humanity is going through an extended period of being tested and challenged as the Short Count cycle winds down. In 2052 a new 256 year Short Count cycle will start up and will bring with it a renewal of the world. 

According to the Vedic Great Year

In another ancient energy cycle, the Vedic Great Year from the East which is in alignment with the procession of the equinoxes cycle (as interpreted by Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri from India in his book The Holy Science), there will be an energy shift worth paying attention to starting in 2020 – according to Dr David Frawley, founder of the American Institute of Vedic Studies.

We are presently still in the early stages of the Dwapara Yuga age, also known as the electric or bronze age in the Vedic Great Year (See Energy ShiftsPart 5 for details.) In 2020 we will move one incremental step upwards towards the light. This will be a ‘Subsubyuga’ shift on the ascending arc of the Vedic Great Year.

1960 – 2020: Dwapara (Yuga) + Kali (Subyuga) + Treta (Subsubyuga)
2020 – 2100: Dwapara (Yuga) + Kali (Subyuga) + Satya (Subsubyuga)

Although Dwapara Yuga will continue to be affected by the dark energy of the Kali Subyuga – due to the present energy blend – the mental energy component of the Treta Subsubyuga will shift to the spiritual energy of Satya Subsubyuga after 2020. It may take a few years for this shift to become obvious, but it could lead to a signifcant change for the better in terms of how humans experience spirituality and the truth. (This shift also seems to be in line with the Prophecy of the Condor and the Eagle mentioned before.)  

Importantly, according to Vedic masters there is always an accumilation and concentration of dark energies in advance of a breakthrough into a higher and lighter segment of an age. This would be an additional reason for the polarisation having been so extreme in recent years and could also explain why consciousenss seems to be so low right now.

Due to Human Amplification:

The mass voluntary adoption of social-media-connected personal devices, in the form of Smartphones and tablets took off just about at the same time as the intensity of the polarity of Katun 2 Ahau started to rise in the years after 2012. The result has been a massive amplification of political and social polarisation, which otherwise could not have spread or escalated to such an extent. Virtually everyone being constantly connected maintains the amplifcation since polarisation is an integral part of modern social media.

Q: How long will the polarisation last?

Maya Calendar Forecasts

For further context it’s worth considering Mayan spokesperson Carlos Barrios’ explanation in a web cast on April 16, 2016 about why there is so much polarisation in the world now and how long it will last:

There is a reason. From 2012 to 2026 is a period that the energies are growing. The energies are trying to find balance. There are many manifestations (protests) everywhere. People are angry, because they don’t have life purpose. They don’t have the path of the human race to develop themselves and how each one forms a part of a community with the elements of Mother Earth.” – Carlos Barrios

We can see there’s a lot of confrontation and intolerance, because everyone thinks their truth is the only truth.” – Carlos Barrios 

The energies are coming to this moment to 2012 to 2026. This is the real moment that humanity can give a real step to grow, or a step to destroy humanity. We think that the way we are going in this moment, more than 80% of humanity is going to disappear, because they don’t have purpose. We are not using our energy to produce the best of us. And what is it? It is consciousness. We need to develop our internal powers.” – Carlos Barrios [source]

By J.J. Montagnier

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Dark are the Days, but The Light is Coming – Part 2

In the next chapters we will continue to take a deep dive into how polarity facilitates human development and growth; we will consider how we as individuals can find our purpose and maintain balance within our polarised times; we will contemplate the nature of truth in a ‘post-truth’ world and we will consider how we can get ready for the incoming light of truth. Please subscribe to receive alerts for updates.

By J.J. Montagnier

Continue to Part 2 (Published) 

Note: The views and opinions are those of the author. Creative license has been applied to make some concepts more accessible.

J.J. Montagnier is a futurologist and travelosopher based in South America. He is a student of mythology, ancient cultures, philosophy, psychology, sociology, politics and metaphysics. His writings are inspired and influenced by his world travels, personal and social observations, intuitive insights and the deep study of relevant and related subject matter.

This article was purposefully written for The Truth Project. It is also a supplement to the Energy Shifts series. 

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Maya Ajq’ij (spiritual guide) Carlos Barrios provides deep insights on polarity, polarisation and purpose:


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  1. Thank you Jacques – This is what I wanted to review again now, and just asked via a comment. So, it’s perfectly on time. I pray there is an unlimited possibility for consciousness to propel beyond the laws of time, so every miracle is always possible now. What helps me keep from being mad is remembering how much suffering is held inside and how much beauty is missed when there’s no intention to love each other.
    Thank you again – love, in lak’ech, Debra

    • Debra, thank you for your comment and for mentioning love, because without love we cannot evolve spiritually and we cannot move closer to harmony. I believe, just as you, that as individuals there is an unlimited possibility for consciousness to propel us beyond the laws of time and that every miracle is always possible now – perfectly expressed. The more individuals there are that raise their consciousness and vibration, the more the planetary consciousness is raised. We are in the perfect time and space to follow our individual destiny by going deep inside to know ourselves better and by doing so to contribute to the whole of creation.
      in lak’ech,

  2. norral rathan Reply

    thanks for the article . i find this planet extremely frustrating because we focus on the wrong things. instead of focusing on loving each other helping each other we focus on acquiring things thinking that things can save us. they wont i want a world where truth and kindness are valued . a world where we appreciate mother earth. we are far far away from that right now. as you say though when we raise our own consciousness we benefit the whole planet. may you and all who work for the light be blessed

    • Norral, thank you for your thoughts – you are right, we are far away from that right now. It is true what you say – this planet can be incredibly frustrating for people who care about the preservation of the earth. My view is that the only way to turn the frustration into purpose is to campaign for the preservation of the earth – that way you are transforming your frustration into purpose. The tide will turn – eventually. There is no guarantee that it will be in our lifetime, but if we lay the foundations then we have done our bit.
      Best wishes and blessings to you

  3. Great article, Jean-Jacques. Look forward to the next installments! Amazing how similar our interests are. Swami Sri Yukteswar was Paramahansa Yogananda’s mentor/teacher and was quite astounding in his own right. (Autobiography of a Yogi was one of my favorite books.) Your other sources are solid also as you further explore the function of polarization and the astro-predictions of the Mayan Calendar and the Vedic energy cycles. I do agree with you, Collective Consciousness only evolves when spurred by challenges that allow people to realize their true dissatisfaction with their current status quo; and sometimes it takes serious discomfort to shake us into a desire to change our lives. And I do personally find abhorrent the present societal apathy toward determining what constitutes TRUTH and what is NOT TRUTH. But I also know that as you mentioned, societies tend to cycle from one extreme to the other, so hopefully we start turning that tendency back toward valuing TRUTH again. Look forward to your next installment! Great article. Hope you don’t mind if I mention you in my next post and list your article html there for others to check out.

    • Thank you for reading, Rebecca! It is only in recent years that I discovered the work and legacy of Paramahansa Yogananda and Swami Sri Yukteswar. I was looking for correlations with Mayan cosmology. In fact it was the work of Walter Cruttendon at the Binary Research Institute that led me to their great works:
      Highly recommended is their podcast show on i-tunes (free) – you can link to it from here:

      I think that it is exactly the lack of truth everywhere that will call us back to it, because I think deep inside of us is a deep desire for truth – in a vacuum of truth one can only but set yourself on a path to seek it out – so in that way the universe also assists us in returning to the truth. If the truth was all around us we may have taken it for granted.

      For me the takeway from the nature of polarity is that we can always see a positive side to the dark side in terms of it being a catalyst of some sort to bring about improvement or positive change – but it only works that way if we see it that way. Sometimes things are so dark that it’s very difficult to see any light to it – it can be very difficult, but this is an advanced training platform that we are on, and so it’s perhaps not meant to be an easy one.

      I always remind myself that due to the nature of the cycles there is always light after dark / after dark there is always light. It can just take longer than we wish it to, but in the meantime we can seek out the light in the dark – moreover we can bring the light in through our own compassion and love for the world, since that is the light that we carry within.

      Thank you very much for considering to list my article – you are most welcome, Rebecca. The next chapter should be ready by next Friday.

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